How to Use a Maternity Pillow

Lack of sleep is one of the basic problems which women face during pregnancy. They also suffer with slackness and feel fragile and week. One thing which can be helpful in achieving good sleep is a Maternity Pillow which is comforting and suits a woman’s need. Here are some guidelines on how to use a Maternity pillow:

  • Start Using the first day –

You should start using your Maternity pillow the day you purchase it as this helps you grow with new sleeping position and helps remove the initial ‘discomfort’ you feel in your new head position during your sleep. Doctors also advise to start using your maternity pillow just at the start of pregnancy.

  • Finding the right position of your body –

Maternity pillows are made to take off stress from your shoulders, hips, back, and other areas which are usually affected during pregnancy. As time passes and pregnancy progresses, you should set a comfortable position with which you sleep every time because only this way you can get most from your Maternity pillow. Positioning your pillow is a trick with the help of which you can find just the ‘right’ spot. If you like sleeping on your back, then you should position your pillow right under one of the sides of the body. Additionally you should also relieve pressure on abdominal nerves and uterus by slightly turning to one of your side. And if you want to sleep on stomach place one of your arms and the leg of the same side as your arm over the pillow. Most doctors recommend lying on ones side for achieving proper sleeping habits. Usually it is better to follow the advice of your physician.

  • Use it everywhere –

Whether you are watching TV, sleeping or knitting you should use your pillow for more support. In this way you will spend more time with your pillow which will help you build a certain comfort level. You can also use it for added support for your back while you are driving a car in pregnant state. (Please don’t sleep in driving condition, however you will be tempted. Pillow’s purpose is not only to help in getting good sleep).

If you are husband or a friend or a relative, then before gifting a woman please consult her doctor. The ‘wrong’ pillow can disturb mood during pregnancy because women are a little bit on the edge during especially pregnancy. Basically hormones are responsible for this kind of behavior and doctors know how to handle this. So, consulting saves you from facing ‘unwanted’ behavior.

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About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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