How to Record your Favorite Program using a Digital Converter

Nowadays television have become digital in the United States. But this created many problems as people with the analog TV were not capable of enjoying the favorite programs. Many programs were like awareness programs namely police, fire, and other safety programs. The wireless service used to broadcast reaming programs.

This reduces the use of antenna. You just need a conversion box that is digital and that is the TV receiver. The following are certain instructions to be followed to record a program:

The conversion box which is digital will store only one program at a time that is the program that is passing through it. But you can also watch and record the favorite program of yours simultaneously. You can also record a program even if your TV is switched off and also a future program which will be telecasted later can also be recorded. This can be done only with right settings.

  • In order to set up the VCR, television and the conversion box the TV set should be unplugged and the VCR should be plugged from the source. The antenna connected to the VCR should be unplugged.
  • You have to plug the wire of the coaxial antenna into the antenna. This is found behind the converter box.
  • A coaxial wire is included in the converter box. We have to get it. One end is connected to the back of converter box and the other end is connected to the antenna which is present behind the VCR.
  • After making the good cable connections the power chords of the VCR, TV and digital converter are plugged to an outlet which is electrical. Then it should be switched on. The TV is just for the purpose of displaying only. The digital TV programs can be navigated with the help of remote control.
  • The VCR is set to channel 3 and it should be set for the stop and start times. You have to tune to the wanted channel where the program will telecast so that it can be recorded as you are watching it. The program can also be recorded though the tv is switched off.
  • If you are not willing to watch a particular program or if it is set for some other time or if you are forced to go out while watching your favorite program then you can switch off the television but you should keep the converter box on. Your digital converter equipment should be checked if it has the sleep facility. If your converter box has that particular facility then it should be disabled.
  • Now we can enjoy increased television shows with the help of digital converter appliance. We can also set up DVD recorder. It can also be easily set up like a VCR recorder.

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