How to Record Program using DirecTV DVR

With the help of satellite dish antenna receiver it has become very easy to watch television shows and record them. The system gives you many choices to watch, selection of shows, previewing shows etc. When you just click a button you can watch SD or HD videos. All the programs to be showed for the next 2 weeks are always listed in a program guide so that you can choose the programs that you want to watch well in advance. While watching one program another program can also be recorded at the same time. And if you are forced to go out while you want to watch a particular program then it can be recorded with the DVR receiver. The following are certain instructions to be read:

The menu key should be pressed on the remote and then you should go to program guide. The programs that are available in each channel is listed in a particular order and it will look just like a tv guide that is printed. There is a forward key on the remote controller. When this is pressed it will scroll down in segments. Each segment contains 30 second increments. The program list can be viewed using the red and green buttons present on the remote. You should first search the programs that you want to record. Easily make Sync Zoom Recordings to OneDrive to keep your videos safe for when you need them.

Then you should go to the menu and it should be scrolled till you find the “search for shows” option. Then “select option” should be chosen. Then the selections can be made on keyword, channel, person and title. The search option can be chosen when you use HD receivers. Then with the help of number keys a certain term which is to be searched can be typed just like messaging in a cell phone. The keypad which is displayed on the screen can also be made use of. There will be many shows, you should just highlight the shows you want and select them. When the select option has been pressed it will give 3 options for selection. If you choose the option record once then the program will be played only once and you can also choose to record the whole series. There will be a record icon in orange color at the side of the program.

You can press menu and select manage recordings and review the program. Then all the recordings that are pending will also be displayed properly. It will be displayed in proper order so that it becomes easy for you to stop recording or cancel or edit. If you want to delete any show then the red button which you will find on the remote should be pressed. This technology helps you to record and watch TV programs. Also the remote and the menu on the screen are user friendly and make the work easy for you. Hence it is best for you to opt for this TV DVR.

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