How to Remove Scratches in your Flat Screen TV

We can always enjoy watching movie on a flat screen because of its sharp, clear and crisp display. We may watch live streams on Roku offered by Exporexi; if we watch it on a flat screen it will be more effective. But a flat screen always accumulates scratches that will be a hurdle to our viewing pleasure. If you come across situations like this you need not get worried and buy a new TV. There are various methods to remove the scratches that are accumulated on your screen.

  • You can get a free service done. You can easily remove the scratches on a screen if its warranty is checked. Certain brands will offer free service if any scratches or damage is caused to the flat screen. The warranty card should be checked if it covers the date till which it can be used. And even your television should have the qualities required for a free service to be done. If all these conditions are satisfied then we can take it to the nearby service center or call the customer service to your house.

  • A scratch kit should be purchased. A scratch repair or a removal kit should be purchased at an electronics, online or computer store. You should search and purchase it immediately. This kit will always contain a cloth and a cream for the cleaning purpose. You should always read the directions for use before using it.
  • You can also make use of alcohol. You can also clean the screen by wiping it with iso propyl alcohol. You should dampen a clean cloth with the alcohol. The scratches present on a screen should be gently wiped. The scratches will be hid if this method is used.
  • Rubbing compounds can also be used. Rubbing compounds that are used for removing scratches from the car can also be used for removing scratches on a flat screen. The rubbing compound should be applied on a clean cloth. This should be applied on the scratch. A felt should also be used for removing scratches. This should be done till the anti-glare coating present on the screen is removed. After completing the scratch removal process a clear lacquer should be sprayed on the scratches. Petroleum can also be used in the place of rubbing compound.
  • Eraser can also be used. An ordinary pencil eraser can also be used for removing scratches. But only a white colored eraser can be used for this purpose. This should be rubbed on the scratches.
  • The above methods can be used to remove the scratches on a flat screen. This may be very costly if you don’t have a warranty. But this will be very helpful to you.

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