How to Rebuild a Cordless Rechargeable Battery

The cordless battery, which are also known as nickel-zinc batteries, rechargeable and is used in cordless devices and tools such as cordless phones, garden tools, electric bike, digital cameras etc.. It is also very efficient that it can last really for a longer time. For now, only AA batteries are available out in the market. Thanks to the advances in lithium metal production technology, this innovative powered battery has long life span, and it is lighter, durable and reliable when compared to regular ones. It has 1.6 volts on open circuit which makes it as effective as an alkaline celled battery. It really saves money and energy simultaneously. If your cordless rechargeable battery suddenly stops working, there is no need to worry about it, as there is simple solution to it. You can repair and rebuild the battery on your own. Here are some very useful tips on steps to repair and reconstruct it efficiently. Consider and follow these.

The very first thing you must do is to find out the two terminals of the busted cordless battery. If you have doubt of the terminals then, use voltmeter to accurately know which the positive and negative side is. However if you do not own a voltmeter, then see that most of the batteries will have a silver color in negative side and gold color on the positive side.

After this, get two car batteries each of 12-volt. Then connect the positive terminal to negative side of the battery and the negative terminal to its positive side. This is safe procedure so that further damages do not occur.

From the above 24-volt system, charge your battery. Then, you will have to zap it two times. You can do this easily by repeatedly transferring electricity with short intervals for 9 seconds if 12-volt battery is used. For a 24-volt battery, do this repeatedly for 11 seconds.

After sending of instant shocks to the cordless battery, leave it for cooling for about 25 minutes. Then recharge it for 20 minutes by using its own charger. Be sure on charging time, as overcharging may cause more damage.

After charging the battery let it sit idle for an hour. Later test it whether it is charging properly. Check for the working of the light indicators. If it is not working, then repeat the above steps by giving instant shocks several times until broken battery gets revived properly.

It is really easy to fix the cordless rechargeable battery. Remember, to retain a rest time of 25 minutes before the zapping continues.  Beware of the timing. Be sure that overcharging does not happen. Another important point is that your hands should be dry before starting the repairing work. Follow these steps and soon, the cordless battery is ready in no time.

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