How to Protect Your Home When You Are Going Away

Going out

Even if you are only out for a few hours, the important thing is to make sure your home never looks empty. Do not adver­tise the fact that you are out by leaving obvious clues such as curtains closed during the day or open at night. An empty garage with an open door is a sure sign of an empty home. Messages on the door and full milk bottles and news­papers left outside are other obvious clues. Flowerpots filled with dead flowers reveal you have been away for quite a few weeks already.

Your best ally is a good neighbour who is prepared to go into your home on a frequent basis, and make it look as though it is inhabited. This involves drawing curtains, taking in post and newspapers, and watering plants. If you’re like many other homeowners who store valuable items in your garage aside from your car, it’s worth doing some commercial garage door repairs on a malfunctioning garage door immediately. Over time, even the toughest garage door can wear down, and issues may develop. Professional garage door repair contractors will ensure that the components and mechanism are checked and fixed as well as provide excellent garage door repair  services.

Protect Home

Going on holiday

When you are on holiday it is ideal if you can find a house-sitter. There are com­panies which can provide this service, but if a friend or relation will do the job, so much the better. If this is impossible, ask a kind neighbour or friend to keep an eye on your home. They should take in deliveries for you, draw the curtains at night and open them again in the morning. It also helps if they can water any plants outside and, if necessary, even mow the lawn.

Before you go

Never leave a message on your answer-phone saying you have gone away and try not to tell too many people you are going away. Clear your home of articles of sentimental value. Either deposit them and large amounts of cash in the bank before you go or leave them locked away in a safe. Tell the police the dates you are going to be away and which neighbours have the spare key. Never leave keys in an obvious place, such as under the flowerpot by the door or hanging by the letter-box.

Cancel the milk and newspapers before you go. Make sure a neighbour will take in any large parcels that arrive unexpectedly or ask the post office to’ hold all your mail until you return. Ask a neighbour to push post or papers through the letter-box regularly, if it is left sticking out.

Lock all windows and doors securely and padlock ladders together and put them out of sight. Lock up your tool shed for the same reason; your hammer could come in handy for a burglar and an old pram could help wheel the tele­vision away.

Invest in several time-switches. The best kinds have several settings so they can come on and turn off a few times during an evening. Set them so you have lights (and a radio) going on and off in different rooms and at different times around the house so it looks as if there is some movement in the house. Install time-switches in the sitting room, bed­room and kitchen, not in the hall where you would never usually sit.

Helping others

If your neighbours have gone away on holiday, it would be considerate if you could look after their interests without being asked. Keep an eye on their home, garage and garden and if you see anyone suspicious, call the police.

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