How to Pick the Best Fruits and Vegetables

You heard it over and over again that fruits and vegetables are beneficial to the body and you need to get plenty of it every chance you get. You may be doing this already – including fruits like dates and vegetables in your diet, that is, but are you getting the best kinds or do you just get whatever you can find at the supermarket? But when looking for dates fruit, Pemborong kurma green diamond which means dates wholesaler in Malaysia, and is where you can buy dates with wholesale prices with best quality in all over Malaysia. You can also order dates online in Malaysia. Product such as kurma Ajwa, kurma Mariami, and Kurma Rotab.

Here are some helpful tips on how to pick the best fruits and vegetables:


  • Check apples and make sure they are heavy, firm, look shiny and bright; unwrinkled, and free from bruises. These are the healthiest and the freshest kind. Make sure that their colors are lustrous. Considering these things whether you shop for Washington apples, Fujis, empires, and Granny Smiths.
  • Touch bananas and pick the firm, unbruised, and solid ones. Make sure the stems and tips are still intact. Pick bright yellow bananas for snacking; buy green bananas if you’d rather wait a few days before you consume them. Avoid brownish and soft bananas as they may rot faster.

  • Smell cantaloupes and honeydew melons. Look for that sweet, appetizing, and fresh fragrance – you’ll know it’s fresh once you smell it. Knock on the fruit, listen to the sound, and look for that low, un-empty thump. If the sound is weak or high, your cantaloupe or honeydew is unripe and not ready for consumption. Check the melon’s appearance to make sure it has no bruises and mushy spots, as those are signs of over ripening. For colors, cantaloupes are yellow-gold while honeydews are pale yellow.
  • Feel peaches and choose the ones that are full, plump, heavy, and have no withered areas. Don’t pick peaches with bagging skin – look for the ones with tight skin. White peaches are ripe if the color is light gold, whereas ripe yellow peaches are lemon yellow. Green or anything that has a touch of green is unripe. Ripe peaches also have that distinct “peachy” fragrance once you smell it.
  • When selecting green, red, or yellow bell peppers, look for those that have vivid colors and intact skin. Watch out for some mushy areas as that’s a sign of an over ripe pepper. Make sure the stems are still green and look fresh.
  • Select tomatoes that have rich red color. If you’re shopping for tomatoes because you like its lycopene benefits, look for the redder ones. The redder the tomatoes, the more lycopene it has. Make sure the surface area not wrinkly has no cracks and has no soft spots.
  • Choose the glossiest eggplants you could find. The shinier the skin, the fresher it is. Don’t pick the ones with soft spots or those that are spongy. You may choose small eggplants over the large ones – the small it is, the less bitter it tastes.
  • When shopping for spinach, choose the ones with green leaves and stems. Watch out for yellowing leaves and signs of wilting as these aren’t going to last long, even if you store them in your fridge. Always look for leaves that are firm and intact.

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About the Author: Leona Kesler is a head-chef at a very popular food restaurant in New York. Also she is a blogger who shares her experiences, tips, and other informative details about food and cooking. Her recipes are featured on many magazines.

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