How to Perform Raking Massage Stroke

Raking is a wonderful stroke. By forming the hand into a claw-like shape, you then rake down or across the body, the hand shape allowing you to apply firm fingertip pressure. Unusually, the more angular your hands the better the movement works. Raking is rarely used on areas of the body other than the back, hips or tops of the thighs, where there is a lot of muscle. It is often used as the second half of a stroke, such as ironing or circling, over the spine and it releases tension down the back while at the same time returning the hands to the lower spine. Across the buttocks it can be used with pulling, after the deep releasing strokes. Be careful not to dig in too hard and follow with soft feathering as a contrast.

The upper back

Form one hand into a claw by raising the wrist and angling the fingers. Position it at the top of the back, fingers spread to the sides of the spine. Interlace your other hand so the fingers also touch the back. Pressing with the fingertips draw downward over the muscles.

Raking Massage

The lower back

Spread one hand, fingers to the sides of the spine, in the middle of the back. Raise your wrists, form a claw shape and press with the fingertips. Place your other hand a little further down and, starting with the lower hand, draw both hands down to the lower back. Lift away from the body lightly.

The hips

Lean over your partner and place one hand just below the hip. Raise the wrist and rake back up toward you over the buttock and then begin the same movement with the other hand. Rake with the hands alternately. Continue the strokes over the buttock and hip, then rake over the top of the thigh.

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