How to Move Like a Contestant on America’s Next Top Model

Walking on the runway is not like walking in the park. You’ve probably noticed this on America’s Next Top Model. A good runway walk takes practice and knowing the rules of walking like a model. Follow these basic tips to turn your regular street walk into a runway walk.

  • You must first have good posture to have a good runway walk. The women competing on America’s Next Top Model keep a straight back with their chin just a bit down and shoulders back. Don’t take small steps; rather, show how beautiful your long legs look by taking long strides.

  • Eye contact is very important for a good runway walk. As Tyra puts it, the sexiness comes from the eyes and not from the body. Your eyes should always focus straight ahead. Notice that the models on America’s Next Top Model never look down. Practice your look and your walk in the mirror to get it right.
  • The position of your head and eyes should appear natural. When you pull your shoulders back, you might have the tendency to also put your chin up. Look at your posture in the mirror and bring your chin slightly down, as you would normally hold it. Even though you concentrate on getting the perfect runway walk, don’t let that show on your face. Don’t frown or crisp your face, but instead keep it relaxed.
  • Let you hands hang naturally to both sides of your body. Don’t swing them too much while walking, but instead allow their movement to come together with the walk with no effort on your part. Take care not to clench your fists or have any other nervous movement of your fingers.
  • You need to practice so your runway walk looks natural. No model walks perfectly on the first try. But by doing it over and over again you get used to the posture and movements, and they will integrate into your natural way of walking. When you walk on the runway, it must seem as if you put no effort or nervousness into it.
  • Watch other models on the runway and observe in detail what they do. Learn tips and tricks from the famous models or watch instructional videos, which you can find on But remember that you don’t have to walk identically to other models. As long as you follow the basic rules, you can allow a bit of your personality to come through in the walk.
  • Watching America’s Next Top Model proves a great way of learning a lot about runway walking. The models competing on the show constantly undergo training and told how to walk, so listen carefully and take notes.
  • If you think you’ve mastered a good runway walk and have what it takes, apply for America’s Next Top Model. You can find application information on the official website at

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