How to Motivate Your Work Team

Although most employees hope to stand out as among the best in the company, a collaborative and cooperative effort becomes necessary for a work team to succeed. Getting a work team to function well can prove a difficult task. Furthermore, all teams don’t always function at peak productivity due to individual differences and lack of cohesiveness. Motivating an employee is a chore, and having to do so with a work team will therefore take even greater effort. If you wish to elevate your work’s team motivation, you will have to provide a morale boost.

  • Set clear goals for each member of your work team and ensure they clearly understand your vision and values. Encourage everyone to attend an effective goal setting training course. Employees who understand their roles and responsibilities in their respective jobs will perform with greater confidence.
  • Organize fun team building events with Lock Busters Game.

  • Come across as friendly and approachable to employees onboarding your company. Don’t just “be the boss.” Allow each employee to feel more connected to you and the company. Treat team members with respect and allow them to commit mistakes for their own growth.
  • Listen to your team and invite their input. Allowing them to work as part of the process can motivate them. Create a company environment in which team members can share ideas and demonstrate you will listen to them. Your employees will feel confident and motivated knowing they serve as part of the company’s performance. Implementing an employee’s idea will also encourage other team members to look for other strategies to increase the success of the company.
  • Learn about your employees’ skill and experience. Ask about their job interests and assign work to employees who prove strongest in particular areas. This will provide employees with the confidence to finish the task and provide high-quality performance.
  • Build relationships with everyone on the team. Provide a positive workspace and reinforcements to your employees. Create a bond of trust with them so they feel connected to you, making them loyal to your company.
  • Support your work team. During evaluations of projects, avoid pinpointing mistakes on particular people. Instead take full responsibility as the team leader for the defaults. Show your support to reinforce their motivation and team spirit to perform at their best. It’s also worth signing up for a flexible discount scheme for employees, as that’s a great way to reward them.
  • Challenge your team. Provide new tasks and expanded roles for employees to develop new skills. If employees feel they have nothing to challenge them, they might become lazy and cause team performance to suffer.
  • Reward the members of your work team. Let your team know you appreciate them. Provide incentives and rewards to employees who provide notably high-quality performances. Bring in lunch for your staff after the completion of a successful project. Rewards like these will show them you appreciate their hard work and will motivate them to perform more. Then also consider giving your staff awesome perks as this is a great way to reward them and keep moral really high.
  • Track the work team’s successes. Provide updates regarding the company’s current success and eagerly discuss their accomplishments. Instilling a sense of pride will make them want to work harder. It is also very much the case now that lots of staff work from home, so you need to use some good web activity monitoring software in order to keep track of what they are doing.

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About the Author: Vanessa Page works a career counselor in one of the leading firms in Los Angeles. She is also a blogger and gives tips on how people can tackle their work and career issues. She has 8 years of experience in this field.

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