How to Make Your House More Homely

Think about what it felt like to go back to the house you lived in as a child after you moved out on your own. It might be a smell or an old, worn-out armchair by the fireplace that evoked feelings of being nurtured and protected. Think about the things that you loved most about where you lived when you were growing up. Make your house a home by adding some of the elements that provide comfortability. You may consider installing home shade motorization, updating the curtains, having regular air conditioning repair services, or improving the overall mood of your home to make it more homely. If you need to change the space you are living in, consider talking to I Buy Pueblo Houses. Update them to suit your own personal style. However, if you’re looking forward to live in the most comfortable and most convenient place, then look no furthaer than Skywaters Residences Condo here for more info!


Soften the lines of a sofa or chair with cushions. They are a great way to experiment with colors and patterns, and can also help support your back or be used as a pillow for a quick snooze.


Candles have always been used in sacred spaces. They add soul to any room. Try spending an evening in a room lit only by candles with wax warmer. The room will immediately be transformed into a magical, warm space that seems to be made for relaxing. Bliss. To get some examples, see here this post named, Homely Features That Your House Might Need.


Remind yourself of your happiest memories with framed photographs. Group them together on a wall or use them on tables and mantelpieces. Make it a point to look at them and think happy thoughts.


Keeping a lovely anxiety blanket – gravity blanket or throw on your sofa makes it feel more inviting. Snuggle up inside it to read your favourite book or to watch television.


Something as simple as adding a rug can make a huge difference to how a room feels. Put them on wooden floors, tiles or even on top of fitted carpets to give some character to your space. They don’t have to be new. Spend some time looking for just the right one.

Perfect chair

Everyone should have a chair to call his or her own: a chair that envelops you and feels as if it were designed for you alone. Think of it as your throne, as a place where you can go and be in control of your own life. You don’t have to buy the first chair that you see. Sit in it for a while. If it feels right, it will become an old friend.


Our sense of smell carries with it lasting associations with events from our past. I will always associate the smell of cloves with my first trip to the dentist. Try as I may, it won’t go away. Adding fragrance to your home can help your mind and body to relax. Essential oils, potpourri, scented candles (vela perfumada) and fresh flowers are all great ways to lift your spirits. You can bulk buy wax melts here.

Table lamps

Choose a more intimate lighting scheme and soften the edges of your room. The right table lamp can cast a lovely glow and create a more intimate space. Use a lamp shade with warm tones and team it with a frosted low-watt bulb for a subtle effect.


My mother always had African violets in our house when I was growing up. For me, plants give immediate warmth to any room in the house. Use them to add colour or to shade a window. Grow living herbs in front of your kitchen window. They are something you must nurture for them to flourish. They let the world know that nature-loving people reside inside your home.


Many baskets are still hand-made from natural materials – which means that each of them is unique – so I always prefer to buy these. Every culture throughout time has used baskets to both carry and store things. They come in all sizes, shapes and colours and can be used to store most things. Try a big log basket by the fireplace, or a smaller one by the side of your favourite chair to hold your magazines. Each basket, as well as offering useful storage just where you need it, will give your house an added touch of warmth and colour.

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