How to Make the Best of Your Time When Auditioning For American Idol

No one would describe auditioning for American Idol as an easy and short process. If you hope to secure an American Idol audition, remember that thousands of other people will try out as well; therefore, you’ll probably end up waiting long hours before your turn comes. Additionally, you have to pass quite a few preliminary auditions before you get in front of the real judges for the show. You can, however, do a few things to save time and make the process easier.

  • If you want to audition for American Idol, check out the official website ( Look for a time and location you can attend. Choose a smaller city in which to audition if possible, as fewer less people will likely try out at those locations. That way you’ll have less competition—which means you increase your chances of going to the next round.

  • Get ready for the American Idol audition with some songs that really showcase your talent. Your singing time will have a limit, so ensure you start with the song that puts you in the best light. Don’t prepare only one song. If you pass one of the preliminary auditions, you’ll have to go back and do another song. It wouldn’t hurt to get some singing lessons before auditioning.
  • You’ll save a lot of time if you show up late for the registration. The trick is they get auditioning hopefuls to line up early in the day so they have the chance to catch the line on camera. The registration doesn’t actually start until later, however. You’ll spend hours in lines even if you show up late, so ask a friend to come with you to hold the line in case you need a break. Don’t forget to bring water and food so you don’t end up in the audition room starving and dehydrated.
  • Don’t forget to have two forms of identification with you. American Idol does not permit auditions of people under 18 who do not have a guardian accompanying them.
  • Registration takes place one or two days prior to the auditions. When registering, you’ll get a paper band to put on your wrist that you remove until the audition day. Consider putting a plastic bag around it and securing it with a rubber band so it doesn’t get wet or fall off in the meantime.
  • You will audition in a group of four people, and you will each have very little time to prove your talent. Exude confidence and use the few seconds you have to give it your best. If you don’t make an impression you won’t have another chance, so give your vocals your best shot.
  • You’ll find yourself competing against thousands of people, so try to stand out from the crowd to make it to the next round. You can do this through your voice, an extravagant outfit and some nice dance moves. If you pass the first round, expect to share some things about your personality and your life.

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