How to Make Pure Alcohol

If you want very cheap procedure to have pure alcohol then you make the right search, you only need simple ingredients that can basically be found at home and tools you can use so that you can have a positive result of your project. This is a very easy procedure since you only need easy to obtain ingredients. If you can just follow the right procedure for sure you can have as much pure alcohol as you want to have, just in your home.

You do need to undergo in many other procedure all you need it to filter and it does not involve cooking the liquid solution so that you will be able to have pure alcohol. You need to be aware that if you are planning to taste this kind of solution it is not good, the only purpose of the project is to obtain pure alcohol to be combined to other beverages which can be added to any drink that you have, to give a small kick.


  • Balloon (large size)
  • Water (which for sure is very easy to have at home)
  • White sugar (you will only need 2 cups approximately)
  • apple juice (1 can only)
  • A plastic milk jug (which is properly clean and dry)
  • Funnel (depends on what size of jug you have)
  • Yeast


  • Make sure that you properly followed the direction in obtaining a clean and dry plastic milk container to be use. Put the yeast, white sugar, and your apple juice in the jag with the use of a funnel you need to pour all the ingredients together into the jug.
  • It does not matter if you will have a mess when you are trying to mix your yeast with the liquid solutions.
  • Cover the jug properly and shake the mixture all together properly for about a minute. Make sure that all the ingredients are mixed together.
  • Put water into the jug and tighten the cap back very well and shake again the mixture properly so that it will combine the water inside the jug. Examine if there are small floaters mix it again if you can find one until you can get it.
  • After you have mixed it properly, get the balloon. Take the cap off the jug and replace it with a balloon. Secure the balloon properly on the lid of the jug.
  • Place the jug in a cool area which you can store it for a couple of days until you will notice the balloon to inflate.
  • Inflation of the balloon is a good sign of a right procedure done.
  • When the time comes that the balloon already deflates by itself the alcohol should be ready. Make sure that you keep the mixture refrigerated to have a good taste.

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