How to Make Homemade Potassium Perchlorate

Potassium chlorate is essential when we talk about explosives. It is quite easy to produce. The ingredients involved are also readily available. Metal pans should not be used in making this because the crystal’s moisture together with the crystals themselves will pierce through the metal material. This is sensitive to friction, shock and heat. So these must be avoided.


  • health salt (potassium chloride)
  • chlorinating compound (HTH Pool)
  • glass container (pyrex)
  • glass pan
  • heat source
  • buckets (2)
  • large thick cloth
  • water


  • boil water using the stove or the microwave. Then, pour this into the pyrex container. Take this outside and boil this using your heat source.
  • The ratio to be used is 1 is to 6 measure. So it is one part of potassium chloride and then six parts of HTH.
  • Gradually incorporate the HTH into the newly boiled water. Stir properly until properly dissolved. After the HTH has dissolved, now add the potassium chloride.
  • Bring this mixture to a boil. This should take around five minutes. While you boil, a chalky substance may be formed. This is known as calcium chloride. Do not worry as this can easily be filtered out from the mixture.
  • Remember that you should not breathe the fumes in or let the mixture come in contact with your eyes.
  • A filter can be made by using one of the buckets. Punch the buckets with enough holes on its bottom part. This will drain the liquid quickly. Take the cloth out. Set the cloth on the lowest part of said bucket as well as on the sides of the bucket.
  • After making the filter, hold the bucket over the second bucket. While the liquid is still boiling, you can now filter the mixture.
  • After filtering the liquid, pour the mixture back again into the dish. Allow this to boil for around sixty seconds. Transfer it in a cool place and then let the crystals found in the mixture condense from the water.
  • Pour off the water. Spread around the crystals so that it will dry on the glass pan.
  • As health salt is composed of an equal mix of NaCl and KCl, both sodium chlorate and also potassium chlorate are produced. You can make use of the sodium chlorate by simply evaporating the water from the liquid. Collect the crystals that remain.
  • The dried crystals should be placed in a dry container that is air tight and out of direct sunlight.

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