How to Make an International Telephone Call

Globally telecommunication is becoming a vital part in everyone’s life. With an increasing demand among people, there is an increase in various business corporations. These corporations establish their concern globally and this automatically results in increase in international phone calls making. With the help of this facility the globe is at everyone’s reach. A lot of ways are available for making a phone call. Few ways are listed below.


  • The first thing we must note down before making an international call from our home telephone is that we must be aware of the international prefix of the region which we wish to connect. A lot of resources are available for this purpose. We can search in the phone book, internet and other web resources. Without using the international prefix we cannot make a call to the desired destination.

  • The next thing we require to make an international call is the country code of the country to which we are trying to make a call. Each country code is unique three digit code representing a particular country. This essential country code is available in all the phone books and in the web.
  • Next to the country code we must know the city code. We must dial the city code and then dial the local number to which we wish to connect to.
  • Instead of using the telephone services we can also use the VOIP services. According to an article on Sip Trunk, VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol services. The technology is based on the internet services with which we can make the international phone calls. This service provides reduced rate for the users. This is due to the fact that the information which is send over is in the condensed form so the service provider can accommodate more number of phone calls. This service is provided as a subscription and it will be useful for those people who make regular international calls.
  • The next useful thing to make an international call is a prepaid card. In case where we don’t make calls often and are having a loss over the subscription of the VOIP service we can use a prepaid card for making the international call. We can make a call for the amount to which we have prepaid and after reaching the amount while making the call the call disconnects. This prevents the increased amount in the phone bills in postpaid services. We can get these cards on the internet and also from various shops. Before using the card we must calculate the rate of charge per call and the total duration to which our conversation is going to be and then buy a card accordingly.
  • For this we must be well aware that making a call to a cellular or a mobile service is costlier than making a call to the landline telephone.
  • The final method of making an international call is by using the internet. These calls are called internet calls and can be made to people who have a computer and an internet service. There are certain paid services and we can make use of certain software to make a free call. The software is available for free in the internet and they can be downloaded and used. Using microphone and speaker arrangement we can make voice calls. In case a web camera is available we can also make video calls. In either case the devices must be connected to the user’s computers.

Hence using these steps the international phone calls are made and we can connect with our family, friends and business partners at any budget.

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