How to Do a Remote Program

Technology nowadays is defined by mobility and connectivity in such an interesting way. The advanced technologies are for granted as they readily exist to do our bidding just by pressing a stylus , keypad or a Qwerty keyboard but people earlier were through painstaking steps to communicate through traditional static-key analog telephone lines and snail mail.

It is so far changed where one can access entry into digital files by a remote program for example accessing personal computer from mobile device.

Following are some steps to run remote desktop using windows mobile Smartphone:

  • In the computer change the settings in router so we can connect or link remotely to the computer.
  • In the router, we have to set “Port forwarding.” First, we have to find out the local IP Address by going to “Start” button and then run by typing “CMD.” Next, type “IP Config” and give “Enter” to obtain the local IP address and close that window.
  • Next enter to web browser to type the local IP address.
  • A screen or page with tabs will open. Choose the option that states “Port Forwarding.” Nothing matters if we have a Linksys router, D-Link or NETGEAR, the page will more or less will be similar.
  • Then Google up the username and the password of router. The username is usually: admin and the password is: password.
  • After getting the “Port Forwarding” screen or page, we can add the remote desktop by selecting “Add Service” option. Then type server IP address that is same as the local IP address. Next, type “Remote Desktop” in the foremost field of the page. Just type the starting and the ending port which will be of four numbers. Say for example: 3389.
  • This completes the procedure for “Port Forwarding” to connect to the remote desktop.
  • Now going to the mobile device, which is the Windows Mobile Smartphone in this case. First, type the local IP address, using stylus in the mobile device, which is the Windows Mobile Smartphone.
  • Next go to menu bar to “Options” and then choose “256 colors” option which will allow to get connected faster. Put tick mark to “Full Screen” and then to “Fit Remote Desktop to the Screen” options on the boxes that appear on the page.
  • Exit this page by selecting on “Resources” and choose “Mute” the sound for having it to come through the mobile device. After this is done to exit this page, click on “Display” option.

Now we are connected to home personal computer as if one is in front of the computer. Now, one can work on anything say, opening files, reading files, and launching programs using the mobile device. It is cool to have this method.

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