How to Do Spoofing

The caller ID is very popular among people over decades. All the telephone devices have the facility of caller ID. It is a facility where in the number and the caller’s name are known before we attend the call. The details such as the caller’s name and number appear on the screen when a call comes. There is a technology wherein we can change the original details of the caller and produce a fake detail. This process is known as spoofing. With this technology we can change any person’s name and other details which appear on the screen. This can be used just for fun to make fun of friends and for an entertainment.

Here some instructions are given which can be utilized for changing the caller id for free:


  • The first step is to find a spoofing site which offers this service. A variety of websites are available for spoofing, some websites charge for this service. Here is a list of websites which can be made use of. They are, and The instructions below are adopted from the telespoof service.
  • Before making a prank call we have to do a registration in the official website. First go to the website of An option known as Free Call will be available on screen towards left end. We have to click it and on the following page a form requesting the necessary information will appear. We have to give that information which includes our phone number, the person’s number whom we wish to call and the number which we want to be displayed on the receiver’s caller ID. We have to make a note of the information we provide. After finishing the process we have to tap on Try TeleSpoof.
  • The next step as soon as we tap on try telespoof is that we will get a call. We must answer the call and we could hear a voice previously recorded guiding us. The voice will ask us to press 1 to make the prank call we asked for. Hence after we press 1 the call goes to the receiver with a prank number which we provided in the website.
  • Using these steps we can make a prank call and we can change the caller ID for free. There are smoother options other than changing caller ID. They are changing the voice of the caller either to female or male and then to record the conversation that we make. This conversation can be later heard in the website by logging on to our account in it.
  • Call spoofing is a fun tool and mostly useful for pranksters. It’s also used by private investigators and by certain business organizations. The use of telespoofing is clearly explained in its website and we also gather data from the frequently asked questions section.

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