How to Make a Homemade Minnow Trap

Minnows are found where other fish are found. Only difference is that they are not exactly the fish you would want to catch using a line and bait. It is easier and quicker to trap them and catch them. It just requires a small trap which can be made easily. The same trap is also used to trap crawfish.


  • wire mesh or hardware cloth (5 ¼ ft – 2 pieces)
  • marker black
  • small pool of stainless steel wire (22 gauge)
  • pliers
  • 1 tape measure
  • tin snips


  1. Take the wire mesh or hardware cloth and place it flat on any surface. Measure 28 inches from any side and mark it with a line using the marker.
  2. Using the tin snips, cut along the line. Now fold the cut portion over in a manner that it forms a cylindrical shape. One edge should be overlapping and the cylinder size would be approximately of diameter 8 – 8 ½ inches and the length would be about 24 inches.
  3. Using the steel wire weave through the squares, then cut the excess wire.
  4. The remaining wire mesh will have a diameter of around 19 inches. Mark a circle on this piece and cut it. Mark the center of this circle and cut it along the line drawn. Now there will be two half-moons. Their straight edge should measure 19 inches
  5. Fold one half to make a funnel and hold it in place using the steel wire. With the tin snip, cut a hole at the bottom of the funnel. This hole should be around 2 inches.
  6. Take the funnel and insert it into the wire mesh cylinder from one end and anchor it properly with the steel wire. Make another funnel with the other half moon of wire mesh and in a similar manner insert it into the cylinder but from the other end.
  7. Now cut a 5.5 inch square after marking it on the side of the wire mesh cylinder. Put a 7×7 inch piece of wire mesh from the left piece of mesh, over this opening and make it function like a hinged door. Fasten everything with the steel wire and also secure the bottom of the cage door.
  8. Your homemade minnows trap is ready.


  • Always check out the regulations governing trapping of minnows. At times it is prohibited by regulation.
  • While handling the wire mesh and steel wire, wear leather gloves to keep your hands safe from cuts.

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