How to Make a Good Food Match

Ask yourself what you are hungry for and listen to your body. Its wisdom can guide you toward a good match.

Chances are that much of what you eat has been guided by external factors. Food choices are made in compliance with or in rebellion against a particular plan. Instead, try deciding what to eat by tuning into your stomach and discovering what would feel just right to you in the moment of your physical hunger. If you are ready to pick the right food, go on and start looking at it on the available food menus online like theĀ Menu 100 Montaditos West Kendall Miami FL.

Good Food

Research shows that humans are born with the ability to regulate their food intake. In fact, when tight parental control interferes with this natural ability, children are more likely to eat “restricted” food even when they’re not hungry. This loss of the ability to self-regulate in children is mirrored by adults on restrictive diets.

As you normalize your eating, you will become the expert in knowing what type of food your body needs at a particular time. Be patient with yourself because it will take practice to relearn how to listen to your body’s internal cues about what you are hungry for.

Good Food

When you become physically hungry, stop for a moment and ask yourself what would feel good in your stomach. Of course, you want it to taste good to you as well, but it’s important to actually imagine how it will feel in your body. It is not uncommon for people to open their refrigerators or cabinets as they muse, “What do I want to eat?” After seeing the options available, a choice is made that may or may not serve as a good match. The problem with this method is that it constricts people to picking foods that are immediately available without giving enough thought to internal signals that can help direct food selection. Try to stay in touch with your physical hunger as you narrow down exactly what would be the best match in your stomach at that moment.

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