How to Stay Safe in a Parking Lot at Night

The people who work till late night usually earn good but they feel insecure when they have to cross the parking lot at this time. Since, it is night so they can be a victim of any dangerous situation. Following are some of the ways by which you can keep yourself safe at night in the parking lots:

  • There would be night bulbs present in the parking stand. You should park your vehicle under such a light bulb or lamp. This will make you feel a little secure as there would be enough light to be clearly seen by others. It is recommended that you park the car near the guard post; in this way he will be able to see you clearly.
  • Always have a look at the parking lot markings like the thermoplastic markings specially when you are parking or leaving the area at night. These markings add safety features to the area.
  • Look at the vehicle barriers like the ones at for they guide cars by creating demarcation.
  • If you cannot cross the parking lot and are afraid of it, ask an armed security guard from professional security companies like The Guard Alliance to help you with it. It’s his duty to keep you protected and he will surely fulfill it.

  • Try to keep a torch light so that you can see your way crossing the parking stand. You should not use mobile phone in the parking lot. You must not talk on the phone while crossing or it can put you in danger. But you can use your cell phone to light up your way.
  • Take with you a personal alarm or a whistle. They can help you in any emergency. Whistle has a high pitched sound while the alarm has a loud siren. Despite of their small sizes, they can provide you with loud sounds.
  • Do not put any kind of blanket on the back seat of your car or else any suspicious person can hide himself in it without you knowing about it. Always put the blanket type stuff in the rear case of the car. Before getting into the car, check it with the battery torch if it is free of any kind of danger or not. Once you are satisfied with the inspection, get into the car and move out of the lot quickly. Do not take time in arranging your bags and other stuffs. These can be arranged after coming out of the lot.
  • Be confident while walking towards your car. Walk in the center of the path and keep your eyes open to see the surroundings. If you think there is something fishy, quickly go to the security guards or to any of the unarmed security guards to inform them about it.
  • Try to make someone your friend who comes to the parking lot as well. This way you both will come together and will remain safe. If you can form a group with people, it would be even better.

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