How to Make a Baby Seat Cover

The baby seat covers for your car are an expensive proposition if you pick them up in the market and rarely are you able to find of your choice. There is a way which can be less expensive as well as satisfying because the covers can be of your liking. You can make them at home by designing them yourself. Though you will definitely work on them but I can guaranty you that the end result would be satisfying and long lasting.


  • butter paper (any paper which is transparent would do)
  • thread and needle
  • pins
  • safety pins
  • thread for sewing machine
  • cutting tool which is sharp and straight to the edge
  • pencil
  • sewing machine
  • clasp holder elastic
  • elastic thread


  1. First you have to measure your seat top tip to the bottom tip and then right to the left side. For each of your measurements keep twelve inches extra as you will require this extra material for wrapping around your seat. The seat will get completely covered this way. When you go to shop for the material be sure to pick up double your measurement as you will be doubling the quantity of fabric for the seat in your car.
  2. When you are purchasing your fabric be absolutely sure to pick slightly more than your measurement ad it will not hurt to be in possession more but at times if you fall short than it can be problematic as it would require another trip to the market and at times the fabric may be out of stock. Though you may buy fabric of your choice but cotton is a great choice since this fabric is cooling comfortable and it breathes.
  3. But if cotton is your choice don’t forget to wash it before you start your stitching so that it can preshrink.
  4. Place your tracing paper down on the table so that you can make the pattern of your liking for the seat cover. With the help of a measuring tape take down the length of the seat cover and remember to add the extra six inches .Mark the measurements through the top and the bottom with a pencil.
  5. Similar manner take the measurement of the width and add the extra six inches to and make a marking with the pencil. Now take your pencil and connect all the points the shape of your car seat will decide whether the shape will be an oval shape or its going to be circular. Now take scissors cut along the lines you have drawn and then take out your pattern.
  6. Now take your fabric and fold it in half to be sure that your fabric doesn’t shift the edges should be pinned together. Place the pattern on the fabric and pin it to the fabric. Now along the edges of your pattern cut the fabric carefully then take the pattern off from the fabric.
  7. Both pieces of the fabric should be turned around the sides on the outside should be touching together Again the pieces should be pinned together.
  8. Using your sewing machine, stitch three quarters of the cover then turn it inside out so that the side is facing each other again. Now stitch the rest of the fabric leaving two inch gap.
  9. Mark one inch section making sure to cover all around to make the casing then stitch the seam. Don’t stitch the two inch gap you had left.
  10. On your plastic attach a safety pin on one end and then take it inside the two inch gap you had left. Take it through the casing you have made. Then place a plastic clip after you take of the safety pin off. Now secure a clip button. Give a tug to the elastic so you are able to loosen or tighten the cover.
  11. Put the cover on the car seat by wrapping the sides.
  12. After measuring the length of the car seat straps, make the required slits to ensure that they go through.
  13. Sew the edges.

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