How to Loosen Up through Easy Breathing Techniques

Stress can literally bring you down and affect your health, just as it can ruin your personal life. Unrelenting pressure from work can add constant tension to your well-being. Get away from stress and avoid being burned out. Learn how to sit back and take a short break while practicing proper breathing techniques to put yourself at ease.
Benefits of Proper Breathing

Proper breathing allows you to relax your overall well-being, be it physical, mental or psychological. This is the focus of yoga: to aid the body in achieving ultimate relaxation, which should be its inherent condition.

Breathing Techniques

Gentle and full breaths allow your body to be at a standstill. You are put in a peaceful, calm state. The renewed vigor you sense from just a short moment of slow, steady breathing is not equivalent to a feeling of overexcitement or agitation, but rather a smooth, tranquil force that your body requires. Gradual and stable breathing communicates directly to your brain to stay still and be restful.

Relaxing Breathing Methods

A number of resources are available on proper breathing techniques as practiced in yoga. The following are steps you can follow for a quick and effortless breathing method. Just make sure that you’ve reviewed the steps before you start.

  • Be seated and straighten your backbone as much as you can. You can grab a chair for stability but make sure you don’t slouch. Check if your feet lie even on the ground, making sure your knees are right above the middle of your feet. Take a book or pillow and put it under your feet if you feel a tad bit uncomfortable. Check that your hands are in your lap.
  • Slowly shut your eyes and allow them to stay motionless for the next few minutes.
  • Imagine your lungs somewhere inside your thorax and feel their existence. They are behind your ribs, up front, and down in the back at your sides.
  • Focus on your lungs, then start to inhale slowly. Your chest expands. Then start to exhale gradually, sensing air coming out of your lungs. Your chest contracts. Do not rush.
  • Continue doing the same steps for the next 2-3 minutes. Eventually you can proceed with following the instructions for up to 5-10 minutes. Mark the exact time on your daily calendar and set when you want to concentrate on this breathing pattern. After a while your body gets used to it and you will find it much easier to accomplish.

When you encounter a challenging day at work or at home, take time to relax and breathe easy for a few moments. This will ensure that the daily grind won’t be so stressful as it used to be.

In times of constant tension and strain, don’t panic. Instead, stay calm and composed while practicing these straightforward steps toward easy breathing and full relaxation. By being tranquil and peaceful, chances are these breathing techniques will not only loosen up your body, but will put your mind and soul in a serene, soothing state as well. Breathwork Facilitator Training is available for those specifically looking to become breathwork teachers, as well as those just interested in building their knowledge.

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