How to Keep Your Horse Happy

A happy horse is easier to manage. If you want to make sure that your horse lives a happy and long life, you need to pay careful attention to its maintenance. Several aspects such as breed, season, and activity level will affect how you should care for your equine. Some are maintained more like pets while there are those that tend to be clumsier so they are more apt to be kept inside their stalls more often to keep them from getting injured. Here are the basics of keeping your horse happy.


What you will need:

  • Horse grooming supplies


  • Feed your horse properly. When you let your horse graze in the wild, you only need to feed it a small amount at regular intervals during the day. It’s also important to feed it on time because horses prefer routine. They are more comfortable when they follow certain schedules for eating and grooming. It’s also important to feed your horse a lot of fiber to prevent bad behavior due to boredom or stress.
  • Groom your horse regularly. Horses love it when their coats are free from parasites and their mane is glossy. Everyone loves being clean and comfortable. Horses are like people who are very particular with comfort.
  • Keep the stable clean. After a whole day of work, horses deserve a clean stable that has deep beds that can ease the strain on their legs and joints. Just like people, horses love their homes because a warm stable makes them feel more secure. Make sure that the stable is well ventilated. If you have a lot of horses, keep the stables open so that the horses get to see one another as these animals are group animals – that is, they want to be in the company of creatures of their kind.

Happy Horse

  • Exercise your horses daily. Horses are herd animals so they enjoy being with other horses. Make sure to give your horse time to move around freely and exercise it by allowing it to run in the wild with other horses. Allow for some play time so it doesn’t get bored with all the work that you make it do.
  • Don’t ride your horse too often. It’s also important to allow your horse some play time. Riding a horse means work for your mount because it has to put in extra effort to carry your weight. Don’t train it to associate the mere sight of you with work so don’t ride your horse more often than is necessary.
  • Always attend to the horse’s needs. There are many ways to find out if a horse is comfortable and if it feels secure. For instance, when you approach a comfortable equine, it will not kick, bite, or have its ears flat back. It’s also a good idea to give your horse regular scratches and rubs.


  • Horses need to feel safe to be happy. The idea is for you to create a bond with your horse that will allow the horse to trust you as a handler.
  • Horses are intelligent animals and they have fairly good memories so make sure to give them pleasant things to think about and keep them from traumatic circumstances that may hinder their performance.

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