How to Keep Your Horse at Grass

How much grass

Generally, you should provide at least one acre of land per horse as minimum and up to two acres if possible. If horses are turned out all year round, their grazing should be rotated to allow the grass to be rested on one area while they graze another. This also gives you the opportunity to perform some pasture management such as harrowing, fertilizing or removing weeds.

Fencing options

If your land is not bordered by naturally thick hedging, it will be necessary to erect separate fencing. One of the most effective and attractive options is post and rail fencing, but it can be quite expensive. One cheaper alternative is to use rustic poles spanned by tape that can be electrified from a power supply. It is an efficient method of fencing and horses do learn to respect it. If possible, always allow sufficient space for a vehicle to enter the field-in the case of an emergency or any repair work it can be a great help.

Horse  Grass


A regular supply of fresh, clean water is absolutely essential. If your land is not supported by a trough fed automatically from the water supply, then you will need to provide a large container that is filled manually. Such containers should be refilled on a daily basis and cleaned out regularly. Particular attention should be paid during the summer months when horses require more water and during periods of frost and snow when ice should be broken at least twice a day.


Horses must be provided with some form of shelter. Hedges and trees form a natural shelter. Nowadays, manufactured field shelters are often erected in fields. They offer horses the opportunity to get away from wind, driving rain and snow in the winter and also offer protection from flies and the heat of the day in the summer. A field shelter should be three-sided and built to a size that easily accommodates all the horses that may be turned out together at any one time.

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