How to Install an Above Ground Pool

Many of savvy consumers have all chosen to save the money by choosing SilverRock Pools to install their above ground pool. The below given steps takes you from the ground preparation to the finishing touché.

If you consider assembling the above ground pool by yourself here are some basic steps from swimming pool installers Geelong. Making sure you read installation instructions along with directions which come with pool. You may also speak with a few fiberglass pool installation companies to compare their rates and services.

Things Needed:

  • Pool Instructions
  • Pool Kits complete with accessories and hardware.
  • Patio bricks

If you are installing residential custom pools for the first time, then consider getting help from professional pool builders at Hiring professional contractors to work on your residential custom pool installation may help you achieve a nice pool in your property.

Step 1

Leveling the ground, this one step is important in final out come. Ground which is uneven can never be fixed once the water is added. Preparing ground under pool will sit. 3 inch layer of the sand is most preferable. If you use a protective pad, then lay it at that time. The gorilla pad is a product which adds years of its life to pool with its liner. The special high density of woven fabric acts like a barrier to the grass, the rocks, the nut grass, and the other invasive weed or to rocks. The important liner accessory will be impervious to any of sharp object. Gorilla Pad is also super tough which also adds one layer of cushion that will remove footprints from formation. Gorilla Pad will be cut in to size and be seamed for pool. Before starting with your project, we recommend to check the many options available via Solid Structures.

Step 2

Assembling track to support outside walls by following manufacturer’s directions. Coving may be installed first to next step. Other customers have to purchase coving because it may protect liner and simplify the liner installations. Original Coving will reduce corrosion. Unlike the sand or dirt, coves may not be washed and will never hold the moisture against all metal components. An “Original Cove” will be made from high density foam of 2.3 lbs/ft3, which will not change the shapes or indents and can make the pool cleaning easier. The wall foam is one such accessory which can extend life of liner and pool. Wave less Wall Foam holds your heat in pool while providing the smooth surface on wall to protect liner from damage because to punctures or of trapped moisture. Much information on the wave less wall foam and the coving may be found at the

Step 3

Insert vinyl liner in to pool wall. Allow the liner to warm under sunlight, this may allow greatest amount of the give. Smoothen the liner. Attach to sides of pool. This step depends on type of the liner you choose.

Step 4

Fill pool with some water. Hook up pump and the filter system. Begin the water maintenance. You can check out these Examples pool pump sheds.

Step 5

Consider to finish pool with your personal touch like landscaping plants, pool fence, or a deck (see the best Above Ground Pool With Deck Ideas here).

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