How to Wire a Celling Fan

Home improvement process is an important thing for many home owners. Maintaining it is a difficult job due to many constraints in them. By doing most of the home works by yourself will reduce the money which you spending for household works. If you save the money by doing simple home works by yourself, then you can spend that money in most other important and difficult tasks.

It is also useful for you to know and learn some home based things to protect your savings and also to improve your knowledge. There are many works in home which you can do them by yourself. For example gardening, decorating, plumbing or electricity works, etc. You can do those works by yourself and save money for future use.

It is better to know this work in order to improve yourself. Electricity is the important thing which you need to know because it will surely help you in many times in day to day life. You must follow the instructions carefully while doing those activities. Each and every electrical component has its own working procedure and you should follow them. In this article, you can learn about the method or procedure for wiring your ceiling fan. However, you may have to contact a professional electrician if you don’t have the proper tools or if you’re not confident with your skills.

To do that work, first get the wires from electrical shop. Then check for the proper working of wires. You can see a mounting plate near the motor of your fan which is actually supported by a hook. There are four colored wires in fan. They are ground wire which is green, lights wire which is blue hot, fan wire which is black in color and a neutral wire in white color and your job is to identify them correctly. You should install the lights with ceiling fan. Wait still that process complete by tucking the blue wire.

Now you are ready with the wire and can give the connection. First get two neutral wires which are in white color together and make a twist in them in clockwise direction. Now place the screw in the twisted ends and screw them tightly by joining those two white wires. You have to check the connection by pulling two wires and you should make sure that the connection between them is secure. Repeat these steps again with black wire from ceiling and also from fan. You can also continue this process with blue wire to fix the light from the ceiling if you really need it. You should twist them clockwise as same as for those two colored wires. Finally connect the green wire which is for ground to the ground wire of fan by following the same steps as above. Thus you have successfully wired a ceiling fan. But if you think that you will need help and assistance callĀ the professionals at this company.

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About the Author: Jason Prickett loves to write about home maintenance and stuff you can do yourself instead of hiring any professional. His step by step guides will assist you in completing your home maintenance tasks.

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