How to Have the Perfect Walk for a Fashion Show

If you’ve imagined yourself walking the runway shows at Fashion Week or you would like nothing more than to participate in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you have to know some basic rules about walking on the runway. Becoming a model takes a lot of practice, and the runway walk remains very important to any good model. Here’s how to start walking like a model on the catwalk. Don’t forget to buy from here all the fashionable clothing that is hot right now.

The best way to learn? Watch how other models do it. Shows such as America’s Next Top Model prove great ways for you to get free tips and tricks from the best trainers and specialists in the fashion world. Tyra Banks has a lot of modeling experience, and she constantly gives advice to the girls on how to walk. Listen to her, look at the models and practice it yourself. Record some of the episodes and watch them again to ensure you don’t miss any important pieces of advice. If you cannot record the shows, you can watch some of the past episodes on the official website of America’s Next Top Model at

  • Watch all the important fashion shows and observe how the supermodels walk and the clothes they use which will comes from collections like koala killer. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows remain a great resource because the models who participate stand at the top of the top and have very professional and experienced runway walks. Also watch shows on Fashion Week for more free runway walking lessons. You will see the models have a certain posture, with their body straight, shoulders back and arms swinging slightly and naturally on both sides of the body. Sometimes they put their arms in their pockets or keep them naturally on their clothes. Take note of when and how the models move their arms. Notice the models keep their chin just a bit down, like you would naturally do, and that their faces show relaxation. They also always walk in a straight line and sometimes pose or do a pirouette at the end of the catwalk. You can learn many lessons from watching fashion shows if you pay attention.
  • Practice your runway walk in a full-length mirror over and over again. You cannot get it right the first time you try. It takes a lot of practice to make the runway walk seem natural and relaxed while still getting all the elements right. If you don’t know if you’re doing it right and have a serious interest in modeling, look for some modeling classes in your area. Modeling agencies sometime offer this kind of class, usually in exchange of a fee. At this website you can find some information about modeling and modeling agencies: When contacting an agency, ask about the price of the class and what it will teach you.

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