How to Handle a Ham Radio

First we have to select a band. This has to be done in order to establish communication with remaining radio operators. We have to select the band based on our convenience to operate the band. Different bands operate at different time period of day and based on the weather condition. The 40 meter band operates well during dawn and dusk. The 80 meter band operates during night time. For operating a band during day time we have to choose 10, 15, or 20 meter bands. Certain bands can be accessed based on the license we possess.

The next thing we have to do is that we have to check whether the frequency we choose is not being used by others. We can’t just use a frequency as such. First we have to switch to a frequency in case if anybody else are using it we can use that frequency. Then we have to switch to next available frequency. In case we don’t hear any conversation we have to wait and make sure that nobody is using it. We can also send a message asking whether the frequency is in use or not. We have to repeat it till we get confirmed that the frequency in which we are trying is not being used by anybody else.

There are two kinds of call available in Ham radio communication. They are directional and general call. Once we have occupied a frequency we can send either of these calls. A general is used in case we want to communicate with any particular person for this we have to make use of the radio code which is “CQ”. In a directional call we can send an invitation and communicate to anyone in world.

We should communicate on the frequency available as “CQ CQ CQ this is Bravo Oscar Bravo”, this tells the other operators that we are available the particular frequency. We have to continue this till we get a good response. Later we can add our frequency or band so that the message will be heard as follows:

“CQ on 80 meters and standing by”

For making directional call we have to specify the country location. In case the person is in Chile the message sounds like this:

“CQ Chile CQ Chile CQ Chile this is Bravo Oscar Bravo”

Every time we make a communication we have to say our location and handle. All the operators have to do this so that there remains an order while communication. The people will be aware of whom they are communicating and talking to.

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