How to Give yourself a Speedy French Pedicure

To perform a speedy French pedicure on the toenails, all you need is a nail file, a buffing board or cube, sponge toe separators, top coat/clear base nail polish, sheer pink or nude as well as white nail polish, a cuticle stick and French pedicure nail guides. These items are very easily available in any store in the nail care section.

Before you begin with the French pedicure, please clean your feet, specially your toes very thoroughly. First and foremost, put in the toe separators in between the toes of both your feet. Use the cuticle stick to very gently push back any cuticles on the toes. Now, use the buffing board or cube to very softly make sidewise strokes across the surface of your toenails. Use the rougher sides of the buffing board first. Continue using all the sides, but use the smoothest sides towards the end. Buffing cubes have usually four sides. When you buff your toenails, their surface will get smoothened and this will ready them for the nail polish. UseĀ Glitterbels gel polish for a guarantee that the polish will last for weeks.

Next, use the nail file to make sidewise strokes to file your toenails straight across. The best way to file your toenails is by filing them across their tips. In case you wish to give them a shape, squaring off the sides of the toenails is sufficient. When you try to give an oval shape to your toenails tips, this induces ingrown toenails to grow. This may result to be very hurting and thus the best way is to file the tips straight across.

Wipe off any dust resulting from buffing and filing. To apply nail polish, the toenail surface should be very clean and dry. First, shake the clear polish in with your hand. This is something you have to do for all the nail polishes you are going to use before applying them. Put on the top coat or the clear polish on all the toenails. Make sure that you apply the nail polish in a single coat from the base to the tip of your toenail. Your first coat should be on any one side of your toenail and you have to go from one side to the other. Not more than three or four strokes are required for any single toenail.

Now put on each toenail the French pedicure nail guides. Position them in a way that the toenail tip shows in a way that you get the white paint to become visible in the French pedicure. After the stickers are positioned, color your toenail tips white in a single stroke or two left to right. Now, very carefully, take away the stickers such that you do not peel off your already applied clear polish.

Now, put on a coat of sheer pink or nude polish on your toenails. Apply another coat if you want a darker shade to blend with your white toenail tips.

Apply base coat or clear polish on all the toenails. Give it enough time to dry up and then flaunt your speedy French pedicure.

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