How to Find Animated films on Santa Claus

You might be too old to watch an animated film or a TV series on Santa Claus, but your kids undoubtedly will love them. These will not only make your kids laugh and make them very happy but in a subconscious way, it will make them believe in Santa Claus even more. And at your kids’ age, this is perfect for them. Don’t forget that you yourself were once a kid who had written a sweet letter to the Santa Claus and promised him to be good. As this was good enough for your parents, it’s your chance now to take up the same role.

Nothing better than your kid telling Santa Claus his wishes for the Christmas in person, but not everyday can someone dress up as Santa. So if you want a permanent icon of Christmas in the living room, make your kids see animated films on Santa Claus, or better yet, plan on having a Virtual Santa for Hire. Listed below are some animated films or TV series on Santa Claus that your kids will simply adore.

The Polar Express

Santa Claus is comin’ to town

The story of Santa Claus

Santa vs. the Snowman

The Santa Claus Brothers

Dot and Santa Claus

Prepare yourself in advance for the innumerable questions that will follow the movie. If you can facilitate it, spend time with the kids and watch the film with them to answer their questions easily. Most common ones are the immature queries on letters from Santa. There will be other questions that will be based on the stories or characters of the films. You must also ask your kids to present Santa Claus cards to their respective friends.

It looks like feedback method but is very significant for raising a kid. However, do not treat these films as something to keep your kid amused while you do the household work. Ensure that this becomes an educational lesson for them morally. In case you kids do not come up with questions, you seek their feedback. Inquire of them what they learnt and the moral values they felt were imbibed in the film. For this, you will have to see the films, but that is better as it makes your conversation interactive. This will also give you quality time with your kid to bond stronger with him. It will also relieve any stress that you have from job.

Christmas is synonymous to Santa Claus for every kid. If you make Santa Claus a real character in his mind, he will definitely try to be good to deserve his gift on the Christmas Eve. Come up with stories such as Santa always watching over him so as to ensure that he behaves well throughout the year.

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