How to Give an Estimate to Build a Wooden Fence

Using your spare time for work is always a bane of your existence, especially when it is something as back breaking and laborious as constructing your wooden fence. But hey, look at it this way; you are saving quite a lot of money by doing it yourself instead of getting it done by someone else. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to bond with your neighbors. I mean, in a world of today who has the time to befriend with everybody, especially the neighbors. And apart from the neighbors it can also be a good quality time spent with your family. Kids tend to get more autonomous as they grow up. This is a brilliant chance to get your big kids to spend some time with you. And trust me; once you get down to it, it is not very difficult, however, if what you will be doing is a fix, for a successful fence repair, you must find someone experienced in building and repairing wood fence like a fence contractor.

The tools you might require for your work are a pencil, a measuring tape, calculator and a paper. Apart from this, all you need to know is how to give a guesstimate when building a fence. Oh come on, do not frown your brow. We will help.

  • The very first step is to decide on the size of your fence and also aver as to how high or thick the posts would be. Finalize the type of wood you wish to use and also the color of your cedar fence planks. It is advisable to stick to either brown or white but you may vary according to your tastes. Visit the markets and see for the cost of the wood you wish to use.
  • Second on the list is to draw a sketch of the fence you wish to build. Measure the area in which you would construct the fence and compare it with the perimeter or the entire extent of the fence you have in mind. You could use a measuring tape for this work. Suggested designs for fences may vary from simple quadrangular fence to other forms such as hexagonal or pentagonal perimeter.
  • The shape you choose would also depend on the area you wish to fence. According to Nelson Fence Co Sutton, MA, while measuring you might come across hinders such as, trees, boulders etc. To solve this problem you are suggested to mark the ground after every ten feet. This way you will at all times know the overall perimeter. This will furthermore prevent you from having a difficult time recalling the proportions. You must put a post on every ten feet to serve up as a signpost.
  • Lastly, calculate the cost benefit analysis. Work out the cost of all the tools you use including the paint, nails, wood etc. to make estimation for you to match your budget. Once you are sure that everything has been taken care of, start with building your fence. You can consider looking for fencing services in your area.

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About the Author: Jason Prickett loves to write about home maintenance and stuff you can do yourself instead of hiring any professional. His step by step guides will assist you in completing your home maintenance tasks.

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