How to Give a Shiatsu Massage

Stress can easily be averted from the body by giving it a Shiatsu massage. It is very important for eliminating headaches, relaxing tense muscles, and soothing injuries easing the back and the joint pains. “Shiatsu” comes from Japanese. It means finger-pressure. Mainly, palms, thumbs,  and fingers are used to accomplish the task. Chinese believe that the energy flow of the body is blocked if the body is feeling uncomfortable. Shiatsu massage can helps prevent it and this can lead to relaxation. Following are the steps; you should take to give a Shiatsu:


  • Understand Shiatsu. You may watch some videos on Shiatsu online that will increase your knowledge about Shiatsu. You should have the basic idea on what Shiatsu massage really is. Shiatsu is a very simple type of massage. It can be done adequately by any person. You may do this gently. You should try a Shiatsu massage on yourself. You cannot give it to others until you have tried it on yourself. You will become somewhat familiar with Shiatsu by then.

  • Now, you should prepare the area of the body on which massage is to be done. After understanding the main procedure of the Shiatsu, spread the comfortable towels for your client on the bed or on the floor. A pillow can also be provided for the maximum level of comfort.
  • You should know that how you must apply the pressure and where to apply that pressure. Make your client lie flat on the floor or the bed. Use your palm, fingers and thumbs for giving the circular motions of massage on different places. You may also keep it in your mind that the massage should be gentle enough to have its real taste. When you apply pressure on tense muscles of the body, the body begins to relax.
  • You should know that which parts of your body can stand a significant amount of pressure. You should use your elbows and knees to apply pressure. Too much pressure can disturb your client. You don’t want it to happen. Do you? For this purpose you should plan your Shiatsu in a systematic manner. If pressure is applied appropriately on right positions, this will have very comfortable effect on the body of your client.
  • At last massage the face. You may only press and release your fingers on the temples and the eyebrows when you start with the massage on face. You must apply the same thing to the cheeks and then to the nose muscles with the help of thumbs. Massage on the face will release your client of all the tension he had before he came to you.

This is only the basic way of Shiatsu. Actually Shiatsu is an art. You will need practice to be perfect. You should also learn other ways to give Shiatsu.

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About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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