How to Give a Wedding Shower

When one is assigned with a certain task, you should give your best to it. Moreover, you want to get most from it and leave no loop hole. And when it comes to ‘Once in a lifetime’ (in most cases) Bridal Shower, one really should not let anything ‘bad’ ruin the day. Girls always want to be as best they can be. So, the soon-to-bride should give all her attention to this most precious event. The soon-to-be-groom should, If you are getting married in Essex then also have a look at these stunning Essex wedding cars as we saw them recently and they were just incredible so easily the best we have ever seen.

Here are some guidelines the soon-to-be-groom as well as the soon-to-bride should consider before the commencement as well as during the time of Wedding Shower:


Date on which the party is to be held should be applicable for the guests mainly the mothers of the groom and the bride as well as the bride herself. Usually the party is held two weeks or two month before marriage. Bride should also decide about the privacy of the part, whether it should be public or private. This also makes effect on selection of the location. Get a Limo Hire in Perth for a comfortable transportation.

Guest List

Bride holds the authority to invite whomsoever she wants to attend Wedding shower. So, invite only those whose names she takes. It is recommended to invite no other guest.

The Theme

Here comes your creativity. You should select such an unforgettable theme that would last long in the minds of the guests. Mostly known themes are: honeymoon showers, lingerie showers and around-the-clock showers.

Mark the Location

The location depends on the amount of money one wants to spend on a certain ceremony as well as the number of guests. Moreover theme should match with the location’s scenery.

Create the Invitation

Invitation is usually sent in three weeks advance. One may mail or deliver invitations personally. If you mail, remember including a card, a means to elicit their response. Theme should also be reflected in the invitation.

The Food

The food arrangements may be discussed and agreed upon at least a week before the shower day. Common food served contains finger foods and full meals.


Socialize with one another on the party and mingle among the guests, so that the party does not get bored for both the guests as well as for you. You can also organize some simple games which everybody would enjoy playing.

As the bridal shower is for the bride-a very precious moment for her- so one should make it special by inviting the right people, eating great food and enjoying games.

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