How to Give Yourself a Writing Sabbatical

If you are planning to write a book that you always wished to write, you can do so by taking writing sabbatical. You cannot write your dream book during the working days because it needs time and much more of your dedication than a usual task. In your daily routine, you may not be able to take out time. So, you get writing sabbatical. But you must know that how you should plot your writing sabbatical. Following points may help you out of the problem:


  • You may plan that you will not be low on finances during the sabbatical! During a writing sabbatical you do not get pay slip until one year. One year is a very long period. You have to see through the thing before indulging into it. You must be prepared financially for the task to be accomplished properly. You can never be financially ready if you have not got the money in stock for you and your family for one complete year. If you have got that, you can plea for the writing sabbatical. If you are not in this kind of situation you should start cutting down your expenses. In this way you will be able to save money in 4-5 months, necessary for one year.

  • Choose a place for writing. You should choose a place in your home which may be devoid of any kind of distraction. If you are able to do so you can reserve a room in your home completely for writing purposes. The room should be free of TV, radio, computer and the stuff that takes you away from writing the book. There should be a table, a chair and a window in your room.¬†Writers need to be on top of their grammar. You can read this Grammarly review and see if this writing tool is right for you.
  • Make a writing schedule. The writing sabbatical is not actually a vacation. It is the time for you to fulfill your dream. You have to work hard during the sabbatical if you really want your dream come true. You should make a workable schedule. Planning each and every of your activity. You must be able to follow the schedule.
  • You may go away from distractions. Ask your family and friends to help you in the task. They are mostly the source of distractions. Go away from TV and computer.

You should not become hasty. You should do the job adequately in right time. Don’t overdo the task. You should also be serious for the accomplishment of the mission. You must not get the sabbatical as vacation. You should get it as a mission. The mission of your life!

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