How to Get your Dog in and out of your Motor Vehicle

One of the most valuable exercises you can teach your dog is how to enter and alight from your motor vehicle correctly. It should know how to enter the vehicle when instructed, show good manners while sitting inside, and not jump out as soon as you open the door. After all, there will be occasions when you will only be stopping for a moment—say, to get something out of the back of the car. This Scrap car collection can quickly receive your old car and exchange cash for you.

If your dog has the habit of jumping into your vehicle without being told, then you have a potential problem if it happens to be covered in mud: as soon as you open the door of the vehicle to get something out of it, you may find it appearing from nowhere, jumping in, and rolling about on the upholstery.

Dog out in Motor bike

To teach your dog good traveling manners, you will need to start by having it on a check chain and lead beside your vehicle. You will be teaching it that it must wait for the “Free” command before it gets into or out of the vehicle.

With your dog on lead, open the door, using the reprimand word if it tries to jump in. Check the dog back at the same time: tighten and release the lead in quick succession, always leaving the dog with a loose lead. (Remember that it is important to keep your elbow straight, and check straight back past your leg.) Then make your dog sit and wait. If it begins to forge ahead, but stops momentarily when you check it and give the one-word reprimand, be sure to voice-praise it. After a couple of minutes, say “Free,” and check the dog toward the open door. Praise it as soon as it moves forward. Also give your dog a quick pat each time it moves in the direction you want it to.

Then repeat the same exercise when you are getting the dog out of the vehicle, with one difference: now block the open door with your body. Reprimand with “Bah” or “Bad” as soon as your dog attempts to jump out. Repeat this exercise several times, and always follow the same procedure every time you open the door.

Once you have taught your dog how to enter and exit from your vehicle correctly, you should also teach it how to behave while it is traveling. If you start by teaching the dog to behave in a sensible manner when it firsttravels with you, then you will find that every time it climbs in it will quickly settle down for a peaceful journey.

Dog out in Motor bike

One way to establish good behavior in the car is to have either a doggy seat belt (this is available at most pet stores) or an anchor spot to tie your dog to. Be sure to tie the lead fairly short, and to a collar, not a check chain. If you have to leave the vehicle briefly—say, to run in and pick something up your dog could panic and get tangled.

If you do have a dog that Panics when you leave it, just hop out of the car for a few moments each time you stop, and then jump back in. This way your dog will start to get used to your leaving.

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