How to Handle Dog Disease – Inflammation of the Prepuce

While this condition is basically harmless it turns into a nuisance for the pet owner because a discharge drips continuously from the dog’s penis.


There is a continuous, creamy, yellowish discharge from the penis .In the beginning phase dripping is associated with movement. Later the discharge occurs even while the dog is lying down. The dog is found licking his penis continuously.

Dog Disease Prepuce

In some cases the discharge may be thick, green-yellow, and odorless, while in other cases it may appear liquid, odorous and irritating to the skin. If the condition remains untreated in the early stages, it is likely to turn into a chronic problem that rarely responds to therapy.


Most perpetual inflammations are caused by bacteria. Sometimes the inflammation may be caused by penile hairs that become retracted into the prepuce and cause irritations in their contact area. Lack of hygiene of the penile skin is another frequent cause that can be prevented.


Use diluted Calendula essence to rinse the space between the prepuce and the penis by squirting the liquid through a 10cc syringe. The dog must be lying on its side for this procedure. Place a flat container under the penis and squirt the solution gently into the tissue pocket between the penis and the prepuce. Hold the opening closed gently between your fingers, and massage the area carefully backwards .Then allow the liquid to empty into the catching container. The previously colorless liquid should now be milky or cloudy. In this way you are rinsing out the bacterial contamination. Repeat the procedure, and perform the treatment twice each day.

  • Home Remedies

For internal treatment administer Pulsatilla-injeel orally once each day for one week.

  • Bach Flowers

Crab apple has proven to aid the healing process

When to Consult a Veterinarian

If your home treatments have not yielded recovery after two weeks you should consult a veterinarian trained in holistic techniques.  Should the color of the discharge change to clear or show blood, you should take your dog to a veterinarian.

What to Expect

First, the affected organ will be thoroughly cleaned with specific antibacterial preparations in order to get rid of the infectious organisms .Then homeopathic remedies will be administered in order to enhance the body’s own immune defenses and to fight the inflammatory process.

Dog Disease Prepuce

If an organic disorder is suspected, natural remedies will be employed to reestablish normal function, and Nosodes will be administered to enhance the elimination of toxins.

You will be asked to assist the recovery process by applying color therapy at home.

Preventive and Convalescent Care

After every walk or outing rinse your dog’s penile area with a little tepid water. Trim any long penile hairs to prevent them from causing irritations During moist spring and fall months limit the time your dog lies in grassy areas because there will be disease causing bacteria in the damp grass during these seasons.

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