How to fix the iPhone at Home

There is a substantial increase in the people who own and use iPhones. In the meantime many have started to look for sources to fix out their busted iPhone. But everyone has no patience and money to get it repaired. The better thing is to fix it at home. This may sound impossible initially but need not to fret as fixing the iPhone is not technical.

Following are some points on how to repair your busted iPhone at home.

First check the iPhone’s protective case: Rare instances are there where iPhone’s buttons do not work properly due to the protective case. Choose the protective case which does not hinder the button usage.

Find the problem with the iPhone: Locate the trouble place in the device before actually working on any part. In this way, you can change the protective cases or can replace the internal parts like headphone jack or batteries. Sometimes a full iPhone screen replacement is necessary, which requires the assistance of a phone technician because the device must be disassembled to perform the replacement.

Clean the iPhone port: Dust particles may be there inside the iPhone where the connection port is at the bottom of the iPhone. So take a clean brush or toothbrush and fit its bristles in the port. Softly brush and clean up that area neatly. Blowing or using a canned air may be useful to clean up the port.

Dry the iPhone: If you have looked back and have realized that the water has entered the iPhone, then now it is the time to keep your gadget for drying. This can also be done by keeping the iPhone in a warm and clean dry place for some time. You can also make it dry by wrapping the iPhone in a neat towel and keep it for baking in the oven. Ensure that the temperature of the oven does not go beyond 140 degrees and bake it for few hours. Make a note that this baking is only for the extreme cases.

Make use of the reset function in the iPhone: Try to turn off the iPhone. If this also doesn’t work and still the iPhone remains unresponsive, then try to restore it to the factory settings. This might repair whatever the software problems the iPhone has.

Next go to Apple Store: This will be your final resort. If you still can’t fix the problem and have nothing to do with the gadget then go for help from the technical assistants.

Many iPhone repair guidelines and manuals are available on the websites where most of them are for payment for their repair instructions. So make note that you get the problem fixed from authorized specialists who don’t violate the Apple’s warranty.

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