How to Fix an Optical Scroll Mouse

Nowadays all are using only the optical mouse for easy navigation purposes. They are very easy to handle when compared with the old version of computer mouse having a ball to move around. In optical mouse there is no ball and it doesn’t create problems as old mouse. It just has a scroll in its head part to easily navigate the pages. Sometime there occur some events which lead to improper functioning of the mouse. There may improper response from the optical mouse. It also causes some zigzags all over the computer monitor. It also felt difficult to choose selective text content and to control the movement of cursor. These symptoms suggest that the optical mouse is in trouble and it needs to be treated. The following steps used to troubleshoot the problems in Optical Mouse.

Cat’s hair and synthetic carpet fiber are the two main reasons for the trouble in scroll of the optical mouse. Since they are very small and lightweight, they can easily penetrate the scroll of optical mouse. They directly get into the path of LED’s light once they entered into the mouse and cause malfunctioning of the mouse.

They get into two places inside optical mouse. Underside is the first location. Optical window is present in that part of the mouse. One can have two suggestions to remove that dust. First you can clean the accumulation. Then you can use tweezers to pick up them directly. Don’t push them while cleaning. If you do pushing the dirt, it will make the LED to improper function. Even static electricity can be created by the tape and it leads to grasp more and more synthetic fiber and hair of cat.

The scroll wheel is the second place where you can notice dust which causes more trouble when compared to the old one. As soon as scroll wheel is touched more dust can be attracted by it to its inside due to its movement. These dusts can get engaged in between the LED and the refracting lens once they enter the internal eye. The singular light becomes multiplied due to this action and it creates confusion in the movement of mouse.

The next step is to remove the dust which gets entangled between the LED and refracting lens. First shut down your system. Then flip the mouse over after unplugging it. Unscrew it into two halves using a screw driver and carefully separate them. Be careful in doing that and make sure that alignment tabs are good. Take care of the wheels also and do not move it from its axis. Then remove the dusts in those places and now your optical mouse is ready to work properly.

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