How to Find Out if a Company is Hiring

When it comes to companies’ hiring practices, the general belief is that they will hire people when they need to, and they will surely make the public know. When an organization is short of manpower, it will go to great lengths to fill that vacant spot. As for people looking for jobs, they normally check classified ads online or on the newspaper to scan for vacancies.

Even then, some audacious job seekers normally have some dream companies in mind as their target. Moreover, some have target positions in mind. The predicament arises when these same companies do not seem to advertise any opening for whatever position.


When this happens, you have a choice on whether to shy away from their dream companies or jobs or go right ahead to get that dream job, ignoring the lack of notice for any opening. This is, of course, tricky, as it can be a waste of energy and time. It also goes against the common wisdom that if a company needs you it will find you.

Explain your intention


If you ever decide to ask if a company is hiring, the underlying logic is, of course, you want the job. An application to an organization that is openly hiring is very different from an application to a company that does not seem to have any opening. For one, the latter requires the need to explain several things, such as deciding to apply despite the lack of advertised opening.

This need not be a totally negative thing. Companies will immediately see some innately positive values with an unsolicited application, such as initiative, drive, and a genuine desire to be part of the organization. In other words, if you express your aspiration to get that dream job, it can totally work for your favor.

Don’t forget to ask if the company is hiring


With these in mind, caution and moderation are still necessary when you forgo normal practice. Bear in mind that company-hiring managers can simply ignore your application once they see, for instance, that you want to be in a department that has no vacancy. To avoid such things, it is wise to ask first if the company is hiring.

Write a letter


A simple phone call or an email communication would normally do but do not expect these to get the job done. Remember that while some companies may initially not have an opening for a particular position, a well-written and substantial cover letter inquiring about the position and summarizing your good points can change their mind in an instant. A sound company cannot bear to decline an obvious asset to their organization.

Be persistent yet humble


employers. The key to an effective unsolicited application is staying humble yet persistent and firm. Finally, even if the company is unable to make that opening for you but they realize that you are too good to pass, they will keep you in mind and get in touch with you the soonest time a vacancy arises.

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About the Author: Vanessa Page works a career counselor in one of the leading firms in Los Angeles. She is also a blogger and gives tips on how people can tackle their work and career issues. She has 8 years of experience in this field.

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