How to Find More Information About American Idol

American Idol remains an extremely popular, as much talk about the contestants,

Judges and show in general still abounds almost 10 years after its debut. The winners of American Idol could compete in the number of votes with the presidential candidates; that’s how hot the show still remains. You can find information and gossip about American Idol everywhere, but other ways exist to find relevant information that can keep you busy and up to date before the next show premieres.

  • The fastest way to get the right information about American Idol remains the official website ( It has all the information you need about the contestants,judges and new developments on the show. You should also make it the first place you look for news before it reaches other websites and media. You can even take advantage of the available downloads so you can personalize your computer with wallpapers and screen savers with an American Idol theme, or you can have some fun by accessing the Games section on the website. You’ll also find trivia questions that help you determine how much you really know about the contestants, or you can play with the online picture puzzles.

  • The American Idol website has behind-the-scene moments, a lot of photos for perusing, and videos you can watch of your favorite moments again and again. The site also lets you know when auditions will take place, in case you hope to emerge as the next American Idol or have a talented friend.
  • A great way to stay in touch with other American Idol fans is the forum on the website.
  • Register with a username and password, and login every time you want to find out what others think about your favorite idol contestant or discuss about the show. Just as there’s rivalry on the show, there’s also some friendly rivalry on the forum—so prepare your arguments and convince others your favorite contestant should reign supreme.
  • If you’d like to find out more about the contestants on the current season or any of the past seasons, go to the site’s Contestants section. The section includes information like hometown, age and reason for being on the show. The site also showcases video interviews with the contestants and video diaries in which they talk about their opinion of the evolution of the show and perceptions of fellow contestants.
  • The News blog on the official site offers a lot of interesting news about the contestants and helps you keep up with what your past favorite idols are up to. You can also open up your own blog if you want to and post your opinions, share your favorite moments, discuss the show with other fans. Check out the blogs created by others for new insights on the show.
  • In addition to the American Idol website, you can find many unofficial websites online that provide places to meet other fans and chat about the show. A quick Google search will reveal a wealth of options.
  • Check out comments on fan sites such as

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