How to Find Good Brainteasers on the Internet

Brainteasers as well as puzzles give the brain a meticulous mental exercise. Brainteasers may be in the form of a range of puzzles that include mental and cognitive challenges to decipher. These usually do not have any time restrictions. Of course it is an excellent way to sweet-talk your friends and confuse your enemies, but better if you really want to learn some mental skills.

Some ways to find brainteasers through the Internet are: – The website is a fairly good one as it not only shows you the world of excellent brainteasers but also many logic puzzles of the cognitive level. There is a wonderful variety of games available. – This one give you brainteasers in printable form for adults as well as kids. This website also offers algebra problems, puzzles, optical illusions as well as IQ tests. They also feature popular paradoxes and lawyer jokes for more fun. – this one features the largest online collection of more than 20000 brainteasers, quizzes, logical puzzles, trivia as well as mind games submitted by the users. So go ahead and put your creativity to test. Just like on of the taglines featured by them, get ready to have your brain tangled. – this one has real mind stimulating good quality brainteasers that have won awards. It gives frequent updates on its games and featured optical illusions with an addition of at least five games every week. It houses many popular basic forms of mind games like jigsaws, mazes, riddles, and even crosswords. Since they offer weekly updates, you can play games here quite often without worrying about running out of interesting games. – This one has not only brainteasers but also loads of mind-boggling shapes, positions or words that are coded into phrases or sayings. The conventional and most popular Hangman and even Tic Tac Toe feature in this site. You may even go ahead and play Solitaire or Video-Poker at teles-relay if you have an interest for card games. – In case you only want mathematical brainteasers, this is undoubtedly the site for you. The puzzles here are an essential combination of Mathematics and intelligent puzzles in the form of brainteasers. This one has no nonsense questions just for the sake of having some. You can pick any level out of easy, medium or challenging as per your suitability. – This is a very user friendly website as the brainteasers are divided into some titles. You simply have to click on the title for the brainteaser to appear in front of you. If you have little patience and are willing to know the answer, there is an “answer” button on the bottom that just has to be clicked for the same. – This website has an awesome collection of the most challenging optical illusions. Other featured games are vocal word games and magic tricks relating to coins as well as cards.

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