How to Erase Datas from the CD-R

Compact disc or CDs are big advancement from the floppy discs as it has high memory storage capacity and compact in use. It is even possible for the storage of some big software’s in it. One such application of the compact discs is the storage of digital high quality music. This innovative advancement of CD have damped out the cassette tapes and photo albums from their use. The new innovation in compact disc is CD-R’s called as recordable compact discs. The CD-R’s enables the basic users to create and write data’s of their own from the PC.

CD-R’s and CD-RW’s.

CD-R’s can store data’s only for single use. Once you write the disc through the process of ‘burning’ the CD then after you can’t erase the contents in that disc. It becomes the read only data and can’t be modified. The files can only be accessed from it but not modified. Once you write the CD-R it’s permanent forever and cannot be deleted. However the compact disc can be rewritable in case of the CD-RW. In this you can erase the data’s present in the CD-RWs and reuse the disc.

Compact discs can be read or write using the optical drive hardware on your computer. The optical drives acts as the interface between the CD and the computer. When CDs are introduced the optical drive only had the facility to read the data’s form the CD. Later they introduced the recording feature in the optical drive which is CD-R optical drive. In this optical drive we can only burn the CD-R.

CD writing or burning process.

Only using the optical drive it’s not possible to write or burn the CD-Rs. We require certain software programs which can burn the CD. The software program interfaces the computer with the optical drive and does this work. It’s also possible to erase off or write or make corrections using this software for an CD-RW optical drive. The popular software used for this process is Nero.

Erase data files from the CD-RW.

First insert the disc to be erased into the optical drive. If auto play option is enabled in the computer then it will automatically open the data of your CD. Close all the CD files then open the software used for CD burning. The application displays the list of data’s present in the CD. The software enables you to erase data’s from the CD.

We can also overwrite the data file in CD-RWs by using the burning software. The data’s can be overwritten which will replace the old data’s with the new data which you burn in the CD-RWs. The improvement in the DVD-R drive helps to read or write CD-Rs and CD-RWs which can also read and write DVDs.

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