How to Enjoying a Class Reunion

You’ll surely enjoy your class reunions if you’re good at expecting. But some people dread class reunions as they think that these are events which will bring live for you all the unfortunate events and happenings of past. However it is an event which can bring back to you all the memories of youth and the good times of the past. It depends on your choice and point of view. Following are some points which will help you in enjoying your class reunion:

  • Most importantly, keep in mind that people change. Someone who has been a bully in school days need not be one now. You should remember the names of all your classmates. You must be remembering your friends but you must also refresh your memory of the other classmates and acquaintances. One way is to have a look at the yearbook before the event. Remember that your former classmates will look different from what they used to look like in the past.

  • Do not keep in mind the feelings of disgust or hatred over people which you had in past. Chances that the person would be the same are negligible. Though it’s generally hard to forget the mean things which you have experienced, keep in mind that keeping such feelings in mind will disturb you all over the event. Also that person might have regretted doing what had hurt you in the past.
  • Be physically prepared for it. Your physical attributes will surely get compared with what they were in the past. So if you’re planning to lose weight, then you may feel motivated. Invest in a good dress and think something special for your hairstyle. You’re not required to look similar to what you looked like in the past.
  • You would like to go with your closest friends so do contact them and enquire them about their ideas. A small get-together with before the event will be able to make you recall the past schooldays. They might be able to make you remember your few former classmates which you might have completely forgotten. This will set your mood and excite you for meeting the others.
  • Avoid digging the past and talking about unresolved and sensitive issues. If there were such issues in the past, which are now irrelevant, do not talk about these issues. It’s always better to discuss the happy memories than the bad ones. And just be what you are.  Pretending being like someone else will surely be disadvantageous at such an event. So just be yourself.

There may be some people who hated badly in school, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy the event. If you still think about the past then keep away from any kind of drama. What you’re presently is because of your past, bad and good, experiences. But for now, forget the bad ones and you’ll surely enjoy.

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About the Author: Alan Kennon lives a very happy life with two kids and a lovely wife. He likes to share his life time experiences with others about how they can improve their lifestyle and personality.

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