How to Enjoy Wine in Seattle

A trip to Seattle, Washington, is an excellent means to cater to the tourist in you. With a lot of ground to cover, you need not limit yourself to the vast expanse of hills and mountaintops, grasslands and waterways. You can also you troop to the metropolis and discover more of what the urban side has to offer.

There’s so much leisurely activity from which you can choose plus a variety of locations to visit—so much, in fact, you might be so busy that you don’t want to stop to rest. Those who find it hard to relax after a full day’s worth of shopping, trekking, cycling, sailing, whale watching and cruising might enjoy attending a wine tasting at adelaide hills wine tours prior to snoozing; it’s a brilliant way to loosen up and chill out.

Enjoying Wine

Although a number of people consider California as the top wine producing state in the nation, Washington has proven to be a worthwhile competitor for the title of wine country. It’s possible you might discover a new kind of wine or spirit that may end up among your top choices. The goal is not to end up intoxicated, but rather to drink just enough to relax you in order to enjoy a deep slumber in time for a busy morning.

Wine in Your Pajamas

If you decide to participate in a wine tasting event during the day, you might opt to grab a couple of bottles to take back to your hotel room, which will enable you to enjoy it with no worries of having to drive. Remember that there is no decree against enjoying wine in your pajamas.

Wine and a Massage

There are also other ways to cool down at the end of a tiring day aside from reading a book while enjoying a glass of fine wine. For instance, why not schedule a massage? This is a great way to end the day if the hotel provides this kind of service and the rates are reasonable.

Seattle-Area Wineries

Feel free to pour yourself another drink, as there’s ample time to purchase more the next day. But avoid drinking so much that you mind end up with a terrible headache or a major hangover. It is best to enjoy a few sips, rest well, then rise and shine to visit the well-known vineyards within the area. These include the Whidbey Island Vineyards and Winery, Hoodsport Winery and Tasting Room, Lopez Island Vineyards and Bainbridge Island Vineyards and Winery.
A number of wineries may only be visited after making a reservation, or only within a particular schedule, so refer to the business hours and check your itinerary prior to your visit. Also, there are other vineyards surrounding Seattle, so don’t feel pressured to visit just the wineries listed above.

Exquisite wines and spirits are available at any of these wineries, so you’re sure to stumble upon a particularly good kind that pleases your palate.

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