How to do a Catwalk on a Bike

You must have heard the very popular ‘Speed Thrills, but it Kills’ statement quite a time in your life. Well, the statement holds truth. Teenagers, by their very nature and due to lack of experience, tend to be reckless in nature. This sense of recklessness gets magnified when they are with friends. This is especially true with boys particularly when they are on bikes performing stunts like one wheeling. Now here we do not condemn your interests but instead are here to provide you with the correct method of one wheeling to ensure safety because you mean a lot to us.

A wheelie is among the most exigent tricks to be performed on a bike. It may be done on a mountain bicycle but it is finest performed on a one speed bicycle like a BMX as they are light and easily controllable.

To start off with, when riding a bicycle the most basic safety kit that should be worn is the helmet. Apart from the helmet; elbow pads, kneepads, over and above wrist guards should also be worn as they would protect you in case of tumbling or falling. They would also save you from dislocating any joints or breaking any bones in case your stunt falters.

It’s also advised that you check the chains and the wheel bolts of your bike before you begin with your one wheel.

Now that you are aware of the risks as well as the safety precautions available to minimize that risk, we would now begin with the procedure to carry out one wheeling.

1.            Get on your bike.

2.            Accelerate your bike until you reach a minimum speed of five miles an hour.

3.            Make a firm grip on your handle bars and push them down hard.

4.            Now by the same token draw back on your handle bars at the same time as you lean back on your rear. This would lift the front head of your bike in the air. Do not jerk your body or tug on the handle bars as this might bring the bike out of control

5.            Now comfortable yourself with the bike’s posture by moving a little backward or forward. As now that you are on one wheel, what you actually have done is that you have reduced the bike’s surface area on the road. This might slow down your bike. Pick speed only when you are sure that your bike is completely under control. A very important thing to keep in mind between all this is that do not bend over too much as this would perhaps cause you to plunge backwards head down on the road.

6.            While you pick speed ensure that your chest aligns over the center of your bike. This would improve your balance and control on the bike.

7.            When you wish to get back on the ground lower your front wheel gradually, in a controlled manner back on the road and absolutely never with a formless thud.

And voila! Clap your hands; you have just performed a bike wheelie. Of course, it would take time for you to ace the wheelie but like, come on, practice makes a man perfect.

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About the Author: Vincent Carreno is a cars enthusiast who loves all things about cars and the automotive technology. He is also the chief editor at a local magazine which shares new, exciting and informative articles about troubleshooting car problems.

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