How to Diet for Competitive Cycling

Like in other sports dieting helps improve fitness, in cycling it can benefit a lot. A good diet with snacks for cycling from HIYA will improve your results. Usually a cyclist with sixty kilograms weight is much efficient than the one with seventy five kilogram weight. A lighter person can climb a hill cycling more easily. But if dieting is done carelessly, it can have poor effects on the health. So dieting should be done keeping in mind the load over the body.

If you want to reduce weight, you should intake less calories than the amount of burning calories. You should not lose more than two pounds a week otherwise it will have a bad effect on your health; you’ll feel weak and will not be able to show good performance in cycling. Cutting about thousand calories a day would be perfect as there are total thirty five hundred calories in one pound. By doing this you would be losing seven thousand calories (two pounds) per week. This appears to be a very difficult task but being a competitive cyclist you can do this easily. But remember you should not lose more than thousand calories or you’ll get very weak to be able to cycle for long.

The timing of your diet is also important. For instance you should have a breakfast before cycling in the morning. Also you have to pump up your body with calories after cycling. This is the best way of cutting the calories off your body. Like, you can cycle in the morning but resist towards the meal in the evening. But your body should be having enough calories to recover your muscles even after cycling. Low-fat Choco-milk can be a good choice for this purpose.

Since you are having a low diet, you should eat quality food. Fresh fruits and vegetables will provide you with necessary minerals and vitamins. Do not eat junk food. You have to take less food with more nutrients. Put quality carbohydrates, fats and proteins into your diet. Healthy fats should be taken at a moderate rate. You can get these from almonds, avocados and olive oil. You should concentrate on providing your body with proteins and carbohydrates as they are essential in your muscle repairing. You should make a routine of taking carbohydrates before cycling and proteins after it. As a cyclist, this diet will be perfect suit for you as it will give you energy as well as strength.

These were some of the tips that can help you improve your performance in competitive cycling. So, live strong. Good Luck!

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About the Author: By profession, Ralph Crutcher is a swimmer but enjoys playing football, Golf, and regularly goes to the gym to keep himself fit and healthy. This is one of the reasons; he likes to write about sports and fitness.

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