How to Dress for Judo

Calling the present generation ‘Sports Crazy’ would not at all be wrong. Youngsters all over the world enjoy sports of various kinds and among them is ‘Judo’, a very ancient yet still popular art of fighting. As any other sport judo also requires its players to dress properly-preferably, in something that is light and stretchable as during judo players often need to twist and turn and jump in every odd angle possible.

When out for purchasing a judo uniform, it is very important to keep in mind the comfort level of the clothes. If one is already a member of a judo club, the best option will be to inquire the administration about any in-house stores that they own. This way it would be fairly quick and easy to find attire that would be suitable for the sport. Another benefit might be of getting hands on a second-hand used uniform, which might be available on a bargain.

As judo is Japanese oriented sport, its uniform also has a similar origin. It is known as ‘Jodogi’ or more famously referred to just as ‘the Gi’. The attire comprises of a white wrap around Japanese looking shirt called the uwagi and white cotton pants formally known as the zubon. Around the waist is tied a belt or an obi which is mainly to add color to the plain white of the shirt and pants, but at the same time also defines the expertise of the player.

A perfect judogi should be as rough and tough as the player wearing it. The cloth material should be multiple-weaved, the collars heavily lined and padded, and with closely made double or triple stitch lines. The ‘grab-areas’ such as the arms, shoulders, knees and waist necessarily need to be thick and strongly stitched so that during pulling and grabbing the cloth doesn’t rip apart.

The size of the jodogi worn by the player is extremely vital; vital enough to get the player disqualified during the fight. It is important to get exactly the right size and fit as players need to move around, tackle and jump and kick all through the game. A loosely fit Gi might make it easier for the opponents to get a hold or tripping over the clothes accidentally while moving fast may also be a possibility. Whereas the right fit can help move easily and flexibly. So, it is better to always know about the dressing rules of judo in advance.

A few other accessories that might be helpful and provide safety from any prospective injury during the fight could be knee pads, a mouth guard, arm bands and the most important, hair bands and pins to tie up and secure the hair in place properly.

Keeping in mind the above points, a perfectly dressed judo player will be ready in no time to give the fight of his life!

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