How to Discipline a Pet Lizard

Lizards are found across all continents except Antarctica, and that is the reason why they can adapt to different environment and surroundings. As said earlier, they have numerous types of species ranging from the tiny Dwarf Gecko to the giant Komodo dragon. Consider these great geckos for beginners if you’re looking for a good entry level pet into the reptile world. There are many factors that should be considered while choosing the types of lizards as pets. The size, temperament of the reptile and the amount of care it requires are among the many considerations you should make before making up your mind for keeping lizards as pets. Not all lizards make good pets, however there are some kinds which fit the bill for human interaction. Here are some important description of some of the different types of lizards which can be kept as pets.


  • Pet lizard is housed appropriately and that the habitat is of the correct temperature at the floor level, they regulate their body temperatures within the environment (they do not produce body heat) instead of like us who produce our own body heat. If the enclosure is keep too cool the reptile could develop a respiratory infection, if it is too warm he may succumb to the excess heat just like you.

  • Remove all cage furniture and decorations except one hide log and the water bowl until your lizard is finally pretty tame. If you are fearful or if your pet is aggressive you can use a thick towel to drop over your lizard, then wrap him up like a baby and remove from the enclosure. In severe cases wear thick gloves.
  • Baby lizards are the toughest to capture in the beginning, but also the easiest to tame. You may want to start out with your pet lizard in a smaller cage that is easy to gain access to. This way you can capture them more easily until he is calmer around you. If you use a towel simply drop the towel over your lizard and wrap them up gently. You can then expose his head and neck area and gently rub near his ears till he begins to calm down.
  • When you feed your lizard make sure you have handled the food first so that your scent is on the food. You can also place a washcloth or other fabric item in the enclosure, under the hide log so that your pet gets used to your scent. DO NOT feed a wild lizard by hand!!!!
  • Avoid making any sounds that sound like hissing noises, these are threatening to your lizard and will only put him on the defensive. Rub him along the side of the head behind the eyes, near the ears this is a pleasurable area for them to be touched. As soon as you feel him calm down and relax a bit in your hand, place him back inside his enclosure.

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