How to Get a Backup of Mobile Phone Contacts via Bluetooth

In this modern world the mobile phone technology is the one which is getting advancement in its technological specifications every day. One such advancement is the Bluetooth technology. Using this technology we can transfer data from our mobile phone to another device or any other laptop which are present within the range. This method can be used to transfer the contacts details from our mobile phone to any other device as a backup. This way we can still have the contact details even if the mobile phone is lost or damaged.

In order to do this backup we have to follow a certain procedure it is as follows.


First of all we must process certain commodities to perform the action. They are our mobile phone with Bluetooth facility, our laptop, and software and drivers Bluetooth for both the devices.

The first step is to prepare the devices with the software updates of Bluetooth. We must first ensure that both the devices that are the laptop and mobile have the required Bluetooth hardware. If they don’t have the facility we have to install it in them. For laptops which don’t have this facility we have to use the USB Bluetooth dongle for installing it. We have to make use of the internet and download the latest software and hardware details to install in the laptop.

The next step is to switch on the Bluetooth drivers in both the devices. Using the connectivity menu in the mobile phone we can find out the Bluetooth option. If we have lower end model of mobile phone we don’t have the option of Bluetooth in it. In our laptop we can find the control panel in which we have find out the Bluetooth settings. We have to search the device using the option add device.

The next step is connecting the devices using the Bluetooth. Before connecting the device we have to make sure there well within the range. The laptop after searching finds the mobile and recognizes it. We have to select our mobile from the search list of the laptop. In case there appears any pin code or password menu we have to enter so that the devices get connected. After entering the detail we can connect them.

The next step is to back up the contacts using the Bluetooth. We have to run the Bluetooth in our mobile. We will get the options such as sync or backup based on the version and type of our mobile phone. We have to select the option which says backup in order to save the contacts in our laptop. After this the transfer of data starts and we have to wait till the process gets over.

After completion of the transfer we have to make sure that the transfer is completely over. For we have check for the .vcf files in the desktop of our laptop. They may also be present in a separate folder in the laptop.

With the Bluetooth we can easily transfer the files. With is help we can avoid n necessary time wastage. With the help of this Bluetooth we can have our contacts even if we lose our mobile.

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