How to Delete Pictures from a Hard Drive

If you enter into a house, you can first see the photographs of those family members. Everyone wants to take photos of their most cheering moments in their life. It starts from their marriage function, children’s naming function, tour, excursion, first unforgettable moments and so on. Hence it became their part in everyday life. Everyone having their camera in hand and readily take photos of cherish able moments without expecting for any photographer.

Due to the advances in technology, most of them use digital camera. It is very useful and easy to handle. It can take any no of photos in any no of times. They feel happy to take moments with their friends and family members. Most people have their hobby as photography even they are in some other business. Once the photos are taken, then they are stored in the computer. But photos and images are occupying most of the memory in the computer.

The following tips helps in getting rid of wastage of computer memory due to presence of pictures.

  • First go to My Computer from the start menu or by using shortcut in desktop. Then the window containing all the hard drives in system will be open. Then you select the hard drive folder which contains your image files. By default, the pictures folder is labeled “My Pictures.”
  • First think about the pictures you really want and don want. Then select any pictures you want to delete. Before deleting a picture makes sure that you really don’t want to have it anymore. You can select more than one at a time by holding the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard.
  • Right click on any of the pictures you want to remove. It will then show you the list of options which you can do on those pictures. Click on the “Delete” option and then a message will appear on the screen, asking “Are you really want to move these items to recycling bin?” If you are sure to delete it, then click “Yes” to do the deletion process.
  • If you permanently want to delete it, right click on your computer’s Recycling Bin, located on your desktop. Select “Empty Recycling Bin” to fully remove the files from your computer. Once the bin is emptied, the files are gone. If you accidentally deleted picture files you wanted to save, you can restore them to your hard drive if you have not emptied the bin. To restore a photo, right click on the Recycling Bin, click “Explore,” then select the picture and click “Restore.”

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